How To Keep Your Own Restaurant Review Journal

One of the great things about dining out is discovering new restaurants. When you discover a new restaurant you are going to want to share your experience with others. It’s easy when you see someone the next day, but what about friends you see weeks later? It will be a challenge to remember all of the details about the meal. Well it will be difficult if you don’t keep your own restaurant review journal. By keeping this type of journal not only can you share your experiences with others, but also keep a record of your favorite restaurants to return to.

The first thing you want to do is to design the structure of your restaurant review journal. Some of the basic information you are going to want to record is the name of the restaurant, the location, date of your visit and possibly the time of your visit. Create a section of notes for your first impression of the restaurant ranging from appearance to smells. Record how long it took for you to be seated and the size of your party.
Create a section for after you are seated. The first item to note is the waiter or waitresses name. Create a section to include notes about the menu. Categories in this section should be notes about the variety of foods on the menu and the prices throughout the menu in comparison to the price level you expected. Your notes can then be used to refer to food selections available that you did not choose.
Food Quality
You will then want to set up your review section. This is where you should divide your section into courses for the meal. Start with your drink order if you ordered adult beverages. Then set up sections for your appetizer, entree, and dessert. In each section make notes on details such as how long it took for the food to arrive, the appearance, aroma and taste. You may also choose to include these details about your dining partner’s meal selection.
Your final section of your journal should include notes about the service you received. This should include interactions ranging from the hostess and server to the manager if you interacted with one. These notes can be just as important as the ones on your food. Finalize your report with an overall summary of your experience and restaurant score or rating.
Sharing your restaurant review journal can be done in several ways. Just a couple are making physical copies to share or possibly publishing it on a website.
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