How To Keep Your Quilts Beautiful

Quilts Beautiful

Designing and creating a quilt can be an amazing experience but this does require some time and effort from your side. Although quilts are beautiful, maintaining the beauty can be a challenge for many people but this shouldn’t be the case at all especially if you learn a few tips that could help you avoid the common mistakes that are likely to damage them. In most cases, people make mistakes during the usage, storage, display and cleaning process.

This said, we will look at the best practices that’ll help keep your quilts beautiful and strong so they are able to serve you for long.

Keeping Quilts Beautiful – Some Helpful Tips to Follow

Clean You’re Quilts Rightly

Your quilts will get soiled especially if they are for babies or laps. As such, you might need to wash them regularly and this could make all the difference for you. While washing your quilts, it’ll be advisable to use a mild washing agent or soap which should also be rinsed properly after the cleaning. You could also look for cleaning products which are specially designed for quilts. These do not have harsh detergents that could strip the colors of your quilt fabrics. If you choose to vacuum your quilt to remove the dust, always do it gently by putting a nylon stocking on the nozzle and avoid surface abrasion.

Store Your Quilts Properly 

Your quilts should be stored away from moisture and light. These can do great damage to your quilt with the exposure to direct sunshine cause the quilts to fade and fabrics to weaken. On the other hand, moisture will result in the formation of mildew which is not only hard to remove but practically impossible. Store your quilts in places which are not likely to gather moisture or encourage musty smells and mildew and this means there should be enough ventilation. Don’t use plastic bags or cardboard boxes.

Choose the Right Quilt For the Intended Usage

Whether you are making your own quilts or buying one, it is always good to consider the purpose in the light of the fabric used and quilting type. Always consider whether you want to use the quilt as an heirloom or to spread it on the bed and as such, choose the right fabric. This will help maintain the quilt colors since the fabric you pick will be friendly to the intended usage. If you are buying or creating a quilt for laps, child or cot, go for a fabric that is not only washable but also durable to ensure that even with frequent washing, the beauty doesn’t fade away quickly.

Don’t Display Your Quilts under Direct Light

Your quilts’ beauty can easily be affected by artificial lighting and sunlight. As such, always make sure that the quilt is not exposed to direct sunlight and if you use fluorescent lighting, a UV shield could help in covering the tubes. You should also use your sewing machine to sew a sleeve or tube that will help handle and distribute the weight of your tube when hanging it.

Avoid hanging your quilt using pins, staples or nails as these could easily corrode or tear the fabric thus causing unpleasant damages.