How To Know If You Are Capable For A Breast Reduction Surgery?

How To Know If You Are Capable For A Breast Reduction Surgery?

It is a known fact that overly developed breasts can cause a lot of pain and discomfort for women, especially in the back and neck areas. You might even have sleeping and skin conditions, which is why having breast reduction surgery is a great option. If you need a good breast reduction lift, you should schedule a consultation with Dr Naveen Somia clinic in Bondi Junction.

Insurance coverage?

In some cases, your health insurance might actually cover the cost of breast reduction surgery, at least partly. However, if your body mass is over 35 (BMI), the breast reduction surgery will not be covered by the insurance, as it is not safe to be performed. In addition, if you are having the surgery because of physical looks and not because of health, the insurance will also not cover that.

The best candidates are the ones who really do have a problem with huge breasts, mentally and physically. However, there is a certain weight along with other details that you need to have in order to be a candidate. If you are not a good candidate for the surgery, you can try the breast lift instead.

Are you struggling?

If the size of your breasts makes you feel a little bit too self-conscious, do not worry, you are not alone. Every year, there are over 100.000 women who have the same condition and they seek the surgery, after which more than 90% of them are satisfied.

Symptoms that indicate you are a good candidate:

– Your breasts are too large in proportions to your body

– Neck, shoulder and back pain are cause by the weight of your breasts

– Tight bra causes grooves in your shoulders

– Very heavy breasts that drop, having your nipples and areolas pointing down

– You are having trouble sleeping and you are experiencing discomfort due to your breasts

– There are rashes or infections that appear under the breasts

– You are unable to participate in any athletic activity because of your breasts size

– You are feeling self-conscious

If you regularly experience more than one of the suggested symptoms, the chances are you are a good candidate for breast reduction surgery, as the procedure might bring a lot of relief to your life. After the breast reduction surgery is done, your breasts will be nicely proportioned to your body size.

Aside from making life easier for you on a daily basis, by relieving painful symptoms caused by big breasts, your body’s appearance and silhouette will be enhanced as well. You will get the figure you always desired as you get your confidence back as well.

Make sure that you are financially ready

As it was mentioned above, the insurance might not cover the cost. Even if does cover the cost, it usually only covers it partly, which is why you need to make sure that you have enough money for the consultations, procedure and the after necessities like creams, drugs, ointments… in addition, before the surgery, you should also prepare yourself.

Final word

For those of you who are experiencing back, neck and shoulder pain which is caused by the size and weight of your breasts, it is a good idea to have the best plastic surgeon Dr Naveen in Bondi Junction who will surely take care of you and will make you feel more beautiful than before.