How To Look After Your Bicycle

If the Olympic successes of winners such as Chris Hoy have given you the thirst to get back on your bicycle, you need to make sure it is in working condition. There are various parts of your bicycle which you need to ensure are just right to suit your own personal needs.
Bike Saddle
The bike saddle should be comfortable to sit on, so you can cycle for as long as you like without feeling discomfort. If you are in agony when you come off your bicycle, it may be time to change the saddle. There are many styles and designs you can choose from with your bicycle saddle, so that it suits your personality and makes an impact. You can also find bike saddle covers, which will offer protection to the saddle and save it from a lot of wear and tear. It will also prevent it becoming damaged from any adverse weather conditions.

Gear Shifter
The gear shifter is important as it will make your cycling experience much smoother and will enable you to cycle through even the roughest of terrain. You can choose from a range of gears, so that you get the speed you want from your cycling. These can be very easy to use and won’t cause much obstruction.
Bike Brakes
In order to keep yourself at all times when you are out cycling, it is important to invest in some really good bike brakes. The right bike brakes can really enhance your experience of cycling, so you can achieve the results you want. You never know, you may just become the next Olympic winner if you play your cards right!
Bike Chain
If you are out and about with your bike, you want to ensure it is always safe and secure when it is left unattended. The way to achieve this is by investing in a good quality bike chain, so you can leave it anywhere without having to worry about it going amiss.
Handlebar Grips
Handlebar grips will make your cycling experience more fun and will make you feel more secure than you would without them. If you are going to be cycling in some rough terrain, it is really worth purchasing some handlebar grips, so you don’t lose control of your bicycle. Safety is paramount when enjoying any kind of sport like cycling, so it is imperative to make sure you feel as safe as you possibly can, so you can just concentrate on enjoying yourself.
If you are looking for gifts for a bicycle loving friend, why not get them some quirky gifts such as bike brakes or a gear shifter and they will be sure to appreciate the thought.