How To Look After Your Guitar

For many people their guitar is part and parcel of their lives, whether Ibanez guitars, a Fender or Gibson. This makes storing a guitar a very important part of having a guitar. Guitars are often one of the most important objects many people hold and they seldom come without you having to pay a pretty penny. Being careless lowers its price and also the enjoyment you get from it. So, how best store an Ibanez guitar or a Fender or Gibson axe?


Loosening the string tension is the first thing to do and detuning will prevent you from having issues with the guitar in this area and allow you to store it without and problems being caused to the neck due to natural tension. Don’t however completely remove the strings as this can also cause problems.

Avoid Heat

Heat destroys guitars and if they get very hot you can expect them to have issues with the wood, electronics and glue. Don’t place it in too cold of heat either as this also causes issues or if damp you can expect serious damage. Avoid fluctuations of temperature and try and leave the axe in a cool but not cold room, with a constant temperature. This will prevent any problems with the guitar. If and when you do remove it from the room you should then make sure to let it sit in a warmer room to heat up before you play it. This prevents damage caused by constricted parts and the heat allows them to expand.

Moisture and Wet

These two are also a severe problem for guitars and most musical instruments in general. If you pay a lot of money for an Ibanez guitar or a Fender or Gibson axe you will want to ensure it is kept away from humidity and in a closet. Attics are among the worst place of all to place guitars, as are basements as they are often badly insulated and quite damp.
Polish can be a great way to protect your Ibanez guitars, Fender or Gibson guitar and you should give it a gentle polish before placing it in a cupboard. This polish should take place on the guitar, neck and body before storage and then the guitar should be placed in a hard shell case. This means that it won’t be damaged if it gets bumped into – more common than people realise in dark rooms and closets.


Have a close inspection of your guitar before you play it again. This will prevent problems with tuning issues and intonation as well as other problems that may cost a lot to fix. Be sure that the guitar is ready to play before you do as these often involve a trip to the repair centre and an expensive fix.
Through following the aforementioned advice and taking care of your guitar, while leaving it in a safe place, you’ll have no problems with your Ibanez guitars.
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