How To Maintain A Watch

Those who invest money in a watch will want to make sure that it’s kept to its very best. Watches are beautiful things and like all designer items need to be looked after. Unfortunately, watches are more like a vintage car than a vintage designer handbag. Their moving parts mean that they have a number of higher end needs than simply being kept dry. So, here are a few tips on looking after your watch.


Watches that you have to wind should always be cared for with the upmost detail. One of the biggest things that affect these watches is over winding. Beware of over winding a watch as this can really damage the item and shorten its lifespan.

Always wind mechanical watches once a day but stop if you feel a problem or any resistance to the wind as this makes for tension in the spring. If you own a self-winding watch or automatic watch make sure to wind it every two weeks, if you wear it daily. If you do not wear it on a regular basis wind it twice a week. Quartz watches such as men’s Emporio Armani Chronograph Watch need battery replacements every few years. Speak to your retailer when doing this.

In the meantime avoid any strong mechanical fields with your watch, or for that matter any extremes of temperature or humidity as these can cause problems to the watch.

For more expensive watches a full overhaul of the mechanical system is advised by high end jewellers between every three to five years.


One of the main issues in the UK for watches is water resistance. Having a regular water check resistance check on your Rolex, Cartier or even your men’s Emporio Armani Chronograph Watch can ensure that there are no problems with liquid damage. If your water is water proof be sure the crown is pushed in to its full capacity. This prevents any area for leakage and ensures that the watch won’t allow water to seep inwards. If your watch comes in touch with sea water, water with bleach or chlorine, or other unnatural substances; wash it under fresh water. If you notice liquid or condensation inside, bring it to a professional immediately.

Regular Wear

If you wear a watch on an everyday basis it needs to be cleaned quite often. Whether a metal or leather band, all watches from Cartier, to men’s Emporio Armani Chronograph Watch, to Casio watches, need to be cleaned quite often. It is possible to clean metal bands with liquid solutions, however leather watches should never become wet and never come in touch with cosmetics or detergents as it can really cause problems to the watche’s strap and the finish of the time piece.

Be careful of all the watches you own and you will still have the men’s Emporio Armani Chronograph Watch or the Rolex in years to come, still working in perfect order and looking fantastic.

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