How To Maintain Your Concrete Swimming Pool During Summer

When the warm weather has finally arrived, it’s time for swimming pool owners to start enjoying all the benefits of that these splendid aquatic structures offer. However, a more frequent use implies stepping up on the pool maintenance. These helpful hints should keep your concrete pool looking great throughout the summer.

Regular Skimming

In order to prevent excessive debris from accumulating in your pool, you’ll need to skim it on regular basis. This should be done every couple of days with a hand skimmer or a leaf skimmer. You can also remove pieces of debris, such as leaves, bugs and other bits of dirt, by installing a skimmer leaf trap, which you can even make on your own.

Cleaning the Strainer Basket

Emptying your pool’s strainer basket at least twice a week will only take a couple minutes of your time, yet it will considerably increase the efficiency of pool filtration, in addition to reducing the quantity of chlorine you’ll have to add. What you need to do is simply remove the basket and give it a good shake. If something clings on stubbornly, spray it out with a hose.

Installing a Pool Cover

Fitting a cover over your pool is probably one of the best ways to diminish the need for pool maintenance during summer. This cool feature will not only keep your pool cleaner, but also reduce evaporation, meaning that you won’t have to keep putting in excessive chemicals to keep the water balanced or top it up as much.

Keeping an Eye on the Water Level

During the peak season, you should frequently control the water level, as the water is lost through splashing, evaporation, and simply getting in and out of your pool. Under no circumstances should the water level drop too low, i.e. below the level of the filter. In case you notice low water levels, top it up using your garden hose.

Clean the Pool Filter

Regardless of the type of your pool filter, you should check it regularly and clean it when needed, as recommended by the filter’s manual or your concrete pool builders. In peak season, you’ll have to clean the filter this at least twice a month, but you don’t want to clean it too often because a filter that is too clean will actually be less efficient (tiny particles of dirt in it help trap other unwanted debris).

Maintaining the Water’s pH Level

In the summertime, you should test the water every week to ensure it’s at the proper pH level, between 7.2 and 7.8.  You can determine the pH level using a test, and if it’s not in the desired range, add the chemicals required to rebalance the water.

Super Chlorination

Natural organic contaminants, such as nitrogen and ammonia, are bound to build up in your concrete pool over time. They are likely to interfere with your chlorine, breaking it down to produce chloramines, those nasty things that produce the typical chlorine smell. In other words, if you can smell chlorine, there is not enough of it in your pool. Superchlorinating (or ‘shocking’) your pool once a week brings the chlorine levels back to normal and makes this smell disappear.