How To Make The Most Of Your First Snorkeling Experience


Your first snorkeling experience is sure to be unforgettable. Make sure these memories are good ones by preparing thoroughly and preparing early – forgetting your sunscreen, for example, is a memory best left unmade. The quick tips in this guide will help you make the most of your first snorkeling outing. Knowing what to expect is half the battle.

Keep it Simple

Plan early and research your options thoroughly. Most snorkelers enjoy their first trip with a group led by an experienced instructor and crew. Many vacation destinations offer a huge variety of snorkeling instructors who are constantly competing to provide the best experience. The hard part is finding a beginner-friendly excursion.

Snorkeling instructors often host varied groups of all different experience levels – some even take snorkelers and divers out in the same trip. We suggest avoiding mixed groups and settling for a small beginner-friendly excursion instead. You’ll get more instruction and will be able to spend more time exploring the aquatic landscape instead of trying to keep up with the seasoned snorkelers.

Try to book a snorkeling excursion with a relaxed itinerary. It may look easy, but snorkeling can sap energy fast. Make sure there is plenty of time to take breaks and relax between locations.

Practice Using Your Equipment

Snorkeling is much harder than it looks but becomes considerably easier once you have a good grasp of the basic techniques. Make sure to obtain quality snorkeling gear well ahead of time to gain the immeasurable advantages of proper fit. Look for the simplest options available because streamlined no-fuss designs always make the best snorkel equipment for beginners.

Once you have your equipment, hit the local pool for some practice. Let your goggles and snorkel fill with water so you can practice clearing them – you are bound to encounter leaks on your trip, and those experiences are scary to those who jump in unprepared. You’ll be as efficient as a pro after a few tries.

Learn the Basics of Etiquette

Etiquette is important. Erratic movements can kick up sand that obscures the view of fellow snorkelers, failing to practice beforehand will delay the group, forgetting to stay relaxed can spook insecure swimmers, etc. Ask your snorkel instructor for a rundown of local snorkeling customs and traditions so you can stay in line with the expectations of the community.

Even more important than etiquette is the list of rules and regulations. Every snorkeling location is different, but some rules are nearly universal: for example, expect to be restricted from touching the coral or aquatic life. Not only is this dangerous, but it can harm the delicate ecosystem and displace some of the thousands of species that occupy every available inch of habitable space. Never bring food into the water for the same reason.

Other rules may apply, so make sure you are familiar with the guidelines before embarking on your excursion.

Are you excited? As the plans start to solidify and your departure date approaches, take some time to review your information to make sure everything is fresh in your mind on the day of your excursion. Snorkeling is a relaxing and enriching experience, and it only gets better with practice.

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