How To Make Your Ad Banners Last Longer

Thanks to their affordability and effectiveness in advertising and promotions, banners are being used with increasing frequency. These large signs can be made from a variety of materials such as vinyl, PVC fabric, lightweight mesh and even eco-friendly options such as bamboo and recyclable polypropylene fabric. Proper maintenance of the banners will ensure that you can maintain the cleanliness and durability to prolong their usefulness.

Cleaning Tips
Banners made from vinyl material are the most common because they are highly resilient. Unfortunately, when they are hung outdoors, it doesn’t take long for them to start looking dingy and unkempt. However, all you typically have to do is use a wet soft cloth to gently wipe away the accumulation of dirt. If necessary, a mild detergent can be used in the water for stubborn dirt stains followed by a light water rinse before drying the banner completely. Avoid harsh cleansers as they can degrade the vinyl and fade colours.

While the same cleaning technique will work for other materials with a slick surface such as the PVC, you might have to use a soft brush with water and a mild detergent for other materials such as bamboo or lightweight mesh. Make sure any cleanser is rinsed away and the banner thoroughly dry before storage or re-use.

Suitable Storage for Banners
If you plan to take down your banners for any length of time but plan to use them again, it is important to practice proper storage techniques. With vinyl banners and other materials that are stiff and sturdy, do not fold them. Rather, roll them up ensuring that the printed side is not touching to avoid ink transfer or bleeding. Store them in a cool, dry place away from the bright sun where moisture and humidity does not accumulate. For softer materials such as bamboo fabric, it may be necessary to roll them up on a study wooden or cardboard dowel or tube.

Refreshing your Banner after Storage
Even if you were diligent in proper storage techniques for your banners, you may still find that they can form wrinkles or creases. Luckily, removing creases is a rather simple process. Lay the banner on a flat surface and then place a moist cloth over the crease. Using a heated clothing iron, lightly press on top of the moist cloth. The resulting steam should help eliminate any wrinkling. Never place the hot iron directly onto the banner as it might become damaged.

While advertising should be your focus when purchasing banners for display, don’t forget these simple maintenance tips to prolong their life. The longer you can make these large signs last, the greater the return on your investment. Maximising your money is important for your overall budgeting.

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