How To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Want You Back

How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Want You Back

You’ve had a relationship with a woman and for some reason, broke it off. Since that time you have tried to form other close relationships. None of them can compare to the wonderful time you had with that one very special ex-girlfriend.

In fact, if you forget about the turmoil that took place during your break up; the time spent with her could possibly be the best moments of your life. Now you want to know if you can win her back! Perhaps you should look to the advice of a proven psychic.

The answer is yes. Hold on though. Before you devise a master plan, know this. Women are extremely intuitive, enigmatic and at times, vengeful creatures. Because you have already openly shared a certain amount of life force in the past, it will be much more difficult to start a relationship again.

The first thing you must do to win back an ex-girlfriend is thoroughly examine your inner and outer self. Try to identify what she may have highlighted as a reason for distancing herself from you. If you can’t find at least one character flaw that you can work to improve, you might as well give up right now and start building your video game collection. The more flaws (and yes, strengths) you can label and improve upon, the more chances you will have with repairing damage from the past.

The second step is, without being a pest, make meaningful contact. Do not leave her 560 babbling text messages stating how you miss her. Just remind her of that one special night, point of personal connection, or moment of clarity shared together. This will open the door to more conversations in the future…again. In the meantime, you can also consult a clairvoyant, psychic, or tarot readings expert for guidance.

If you are one of those people who are juggling many relationships, but find that one special ex-girlfriend is really the person you want to spend your life with, the approach will be slightly different. Instead of advertising your willingness to adjust to her needs, display qualities that suggest you have already gone through a personal renaissance and emerged as a much improved individual, capable again of deep, lasting love. It’s a little like a male peacock trading in his own tail feathers for a Vegas-style headliner version of that tail. The ex-girlfriend will see it is the same “you,” just different somehow. You need to reclaim the title of “worthy.”

Unless you win the multi-state lottery, get picked for a professional baseball team and land your own show on “E,” you will probably have a hard time getting your ex to “want” you back. Have faith–it can be done! It just takes patience; much more than you gave her before. Humble thyself Grasshopper! A wardrobe update and season theater tickets wouldn’t hurt either.

Assume that the reason the relationship ended was your fault. It might not have been, but pretend. Look at it from her perspective and you will gain insight into what she is thinking. If she is 100% done with you, know there is no such thing as “magic relationship pixie dust” that erases the past. If there is just a 1% possibility that you could reunite, that is all you need to give it your best shot. Expenses and embarrassment be damned!

Chocolates and flowers are nice, but try genuine self-improvement and an exhibition of your willingness to fruitfully coexist with another person. Oh, and burn that little black book!

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