How To Make Your Home Child Proof?

How to make your home childproof with a section about covering fireplaces from children.

When you have a child and they start to move around either by crawling or bum shuffling you need to ensure your home is child friendly to ensure the safety of your child and stop accidents happening.
The main items which are recommended to ensure the safety of your children are in the following places:

Stair Gates are important to ensure you child cannot fall down or climb up the stairs (always remember to get an extension part if required). Banister and balcony guards to keep your child from falling through

Fire guards to stop children either falling or hurting themselves on the fire place or to ensure they cannot touch the fire and burn themselves are a necessity. Radiator guards also stop babies getting burnt and edge guards mean that if a child falls they are falling onto a rounded edge instead of a straight edge.
Locks and latches for cupboards are important so kids cannot get in cupboards and pull anything out. Cooker guards make sense so children cannot pull any pans which are boiling over the edge which can burn.
Here you may need water thermometers to stop a child from scalding in boiling water as well as non-slip bath mats to stop kids falling on a slippery bath tub flow and tap covers to stop children touching a hot tap.
Room thermometers help set the right conditions while audio and video  monitors ensure you can hear and see if your baby is in distressed, upset or up to no good!
Plug socket covers are so children cannot electrocute themselves by putting fingers in the holes while window locks stop windows from providing an extra hazard.
There are so many different options you need to look into to ensure your child is kept safe and comes to no harm. It may seem like a lot of money and work but it will ensure your child is kept safe and out of harm and you may be able to get some things off people at nearly new sales or even borrowed from people whose children have reached an age when they do not require quite as much protection from child safety products around the house. You cannot really put a price on the safety of your child, so it is wise to make all the investments necessary when it comes to child proofing.
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