How to Make Your Marketing Videos Pop

291549_film_reelCreating videos can be a bland and listless experience or a tremendously enjoyable venture. You decide to add a specific energy to the experience. Viral videos carry the certain energy you just cannot put your fingers on.

Yep, you just feel the video speaking to you. The “X” factor is the tremendous energy the creator puts into the offering. The enthusiasm or passion easily carries through the screen of your laptop, touching you in a powerful way.

You cannot fake this energy nor can you copy it. The enthusiasm and positive vibes must flow through you in a genuine, harmonious way. Do a few pushups before creating a video. Jump around, or go for a walk, or run, and you will have discovered the great secret to video creation success: your energy determines whether your video becomes a rousing success or a horrible flop.

Check Your Energy

Get really active before you decide to create a video. Run around. Smile. Laugh. These simple or seemingly silly acts make all the difference in the world. You will become absolutely magnetic to individuals who share a similar energy.

Study Viral Videos in Great Detail

Note the hundreds of millions of people who view YouTube videos. What offerings become ridiculously viral? The videos packed with unreal energy. The videos that influence you to sing along, or go for a workout, or get up and dance. These videos move you.

Get into these works. Identify what makes these offerings stand out on a persistent basis. The feeling behind the video makes all the difference in the world. You have seen enough of the zombie-type, sleepy videos created by newbie entrepreneurs. We have all been there ourselves. But by injecting a bit more passion into your work you can leave the legions of video creators who appear to be suffering from a general malaise.

Visualize Yourself Creating Awesome Videos

Picture yourself as a successful video marketer. Visualizing is the great secret to success because I can offer you the best advice and you will ignore the counsel if you do not believe you can create awesome videos. The belief factor is the key and picturing yourself as a wildly successful video marketer attracts the ideas, people and situations to you, to create video success.

Your marketing campaign grows as you grow. Your videos stand out from the crowd if you stand out from the crowd. Remember this before you set out to create more outstanding videos for your target audience. Work on your mental tools and outer success follows more easily. First you must do the inner clearing before you act on this advice.

Pay Attention to Details

I noted recently how crisp and clear high def videos appeared to be compared to ordinary videos. This difference, the simple act of shooting a video with a high definition camera, can boost your page views dramatically. People note the details because when you pay attention to details you stick out in a major way.

But a new camera. Shoot videos in nature, at the beach, or in the park. Move around during your videos instead of standing in a stiff, forced pose. Think through how you can add creativity to your video marketing campaign and then act on these ideas to stand out from the masses of individuals who shoot video. You can do amazing things online if you will pay attention to the details that panicked entrepreneurs miss consistently.

Think through your videos. The immense leg work you put in now pays off in the long run.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who has numerous posts discussing all aspects of online and offline video marketing; if you are in need of hard copy DVD services, she recommends the following site for fast turn around replication.