How To Maximize Space In A Small Bedroom

Anything is possible when it comes to bedrooms. Some are masters in every sense of the word and some are compact by anyone’s estimation. Do not fear if your bedroom is bijoux rather than big as there are some easy ways to bring a sense of space into your world that don’t have to break the bank.

Use Unexpected Space
Don’t just stick to ordinary storage ideas. Use every inch of space in your room to keep the clutter at bay. Junk will just make your room appear smaller. Use the back of your door or under the bed and use the wall space to the maximum. Why not have a high shelf installed just below ceiling height to keep trinkets or books well out of the way?

The Importance of Floor Space
Having as much floor space in view as possible is essential in creating an illusion of space. You can do this by selecting furniture with legs so that you can see underneath it, or even mounting furniture on the wall to keep it off the floor altogether. There are lots of wall-mounted bedside tables available so this is a must if you want to expand the footprint of your room visually. Many people have TVs or stereos in their bedrooms these days so wall-mount these too if possible.

Choose a Pale Palette
Dark colours close the room in, so choose pale and simple colour ways to bounce light off your walls and open up the space. If you’re a fan of bright or dark colours, then introduce them through a couple of well-chosen accessories. Don’t go mad with accessories, though, as you need to keep clutter to a minimum.

Let in the Light
Allow as much natural light into the room as possible. This will make your room look less cave-like and also creates an illusion of an extension to the room, whether it is in merging with the outside space or just into the hallway. You could try introducing more light through using a frosted-glass door.

Get Focussed
A single focal point in the room will draw the eye and make the room look bigger. A fabulous piece of art over your bed could create a brilliant centrepiece.

Scale Your Furniture
Even if you absolutely love that very large antique armoire, try to resist it. If you have a small bedroom, try to scale down the size of your furniture so that you don’t swamp the space with unwieldy items.

Double up Your Furniture
There are lots of options for dual-use furniture and storage these days. Invest in a bed with drawers so that your sleeping space can become a storage space too. There are great sofa beds and day beds available these days as well, but do be sure the mattress is of a daily-use quality to ensure your comfort. You could also think about a wall-fixed desk with hinges so that you can store it out of the way when not in use.

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