How To Move Efficiently

Moving is a stressful time. With all the tasks and worries associated with moving, it is easy for things to get disorganized and even lost. A little forethought and planning, however, will go a long way to cut a good part of that stress. The first thing to do is to build up a supply of empty boxes. If you are hiring movers, you will need to decide whether you or they will do the packing. You can buy these from a moving company or ask for them at grocery or other retail stores. You will also need a few other supplies:

    • several rolls of packing tape
    • newspaper, bubble wrap, or other wrapping material
    • permanent markers

Start by packing things you don’t use very often and don’t anticipate needing in the near future. Once it is packed and stacked, it is hard to find an item, let alone get back out again. A helpful system is to jot down on an index card the basic contents of each box as you pack it. Label the cards and the boxes by room. For example, Kitchen 1, Kitchen 2, and so on. This system also aids the movers in placing the boxes in the correct room, which helps you unpack more efficiently.

Of course, if there are items you realize you haven’t used for a long time, consider giving them to someone else who might get more use out of them. While you pack each room, have a box handy for this purpose. Reducing the amount of stuff you have makes efficient moving that much easier. Some suggestions for first things to pack would be: books, off-season clothing, sports equipment, extra bedding, seasonal decorations, etc. Once these things are packed or given away, your task becomes considerably less daunting. It is also a good idea to clean as you go, so you won’t have as much cleaning to do before you move. 

Some of your belongings may be fragile or have sentimental value. If you are working with movers, you will coordinate with them and may need to label boxes containing fragile things in a special way, so the movers will know to handle them with extra care. You may want to insure such items. Of course, if you are moving yourself, you will need to oversee the handling of precious cargo.

Immediately before the move until the time you can unpack, there will be things you need daily, such as toiletries, basic baking and cooking supplies, a supply of clothing, laundry supplies, and so forth. Keep these in a specific place that is easily accessible to you. 

A couple of parting tips: 

Using disposable plates and utensils can eliminate a large amount of work cleaning up as your moving date approaches. 

Friends and family members might be willing to help you pack and load your belongings. Sharing the work load with others will help ease the weight of the burden on your shoulders.

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