How To Organise Your New Year 2013 Party Now

To Party or Not to Party?

Having spent much of the last decade attending what can only be described as truly awful New Year’s celebrations, your patience has finally snapped. In order to have a memorable New Year celebration that passes off trouble free, you decide to host your own.

While we are still three and a half months away from the event itself, it is always worth planning well in advance so you are not trying to organise things at the last minute during what is already a very busy festive period.

Just how are you going to plan your New Year’s party at home?

Who to Invite?

Will it be a family only occasion, or are there lots of friends that you normally spend New Year with that you would like to invite round? Gauge interest for an at home party first of all, as no-one may be interested in coming around or could have already purchased tickets for an event elsewhere. This will only lead one way: you sitting in on your own, and you don’t want that.

Once you have decided who to invite and made clear your intentions, you can start to think of the really important stuff. Some are worth sorting out now, while others such as buying food and drink can be written in your diary to be done nearer the time – your fridge and freezer probably isn’t big enough, anyway!

Let Me Entertain You

For most people, a CD player and their personal collection, or their iPod, is enough to have a fun time without the need for a professional DJ or someone similar. At the same time, having a party at home means that someone will need to be responsible for changing the CD’s or selecting the tracks, and puts your CD player or iPod at risk from being broken.

Also, calling up a DJ in December is a licence for him to charge what he wants, so if you want to outsource the entertainment, do so now!

The Centrepiece

If you are having an at home party, then you will need something to get everyone together at some point during the night. Fireworks are a great option in this regard, as it will give a real focus to your party and give everyone there something to look forward to other than copious amounts of alcohol. The downside, unless you don’t drink, is that you will be unable to enjoy a beer yourself until afterwards.

Along the same thinking as the DJ, sort this out early, as come December the price will have risen or fireworks will be generally unavailable.

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