How To Organize A Block Party In Your Neighborhood

Neighborhoods today seem to have lost the community spirit that was constantly enjoyed in the past. As lifestyle and environment changes, and work demands increases, families tend to stay inside their homes and keep to themselves. If you want your neighborhood to become a community where each neighbor is valued and cared for, where everyone knows one another and where security is restored, then having a block party is the best solution.

Organize It

The first step into organizing a block party is by choosing a date and location in the neighborhood. You can discuss the plan with a few neighbors and determine what date will be most suitable for everyone in the neighborhood. You can schedule the block party during the afternoon into the evening on a regular weekend. Make sure that you organize the block party far enough in advance so people can schedule it on their calendars, while you get sufficient time to put everything together. When neighbors offer to help with the organizing, let them.

When you choose a location for the party, be sure that the space can accommodate plenty of people. In fact, you can have portable carports assembled side by side along the street, beside spacious front yards. Under these carports, you can arrange chairs, tables, coolers and grills. This way, you are certain that everyone can enjoy the afternoon under a cool shade and the kids can run around in the front yards beside the eating area. You can also set up the portable carports in your neighborhood’s park or playground so kids can play while the adults socialize nearby.

What To Eat?

The key to a successful party is the food. The best way to prepare food for a block party is by having a potluck. This way, everyone can have a taste of different dishes as people tend to prepare their all-time favorite recipes. You can expect people to bring salads, casseroles, bread and desserts, but it will be better that you provide them with suggestions to make sure that a variety of dishes will be served. Since there will be kids in the block party, you must not forget to include kid friendly meals such as healthy burgers, baked macaroni, spaghetti, sandwiches, cookies and even mini homemade pizzas. Always note down the dish each neighbor intends to bring, to ensure that an assortment of dishes is made available. You must also inform your neighbors to bring drinks and meat for the grill, to share with others. This way, you need not have to ask neighbors to donate money for the food that may not even be enjoyed by everyone.

Entertain Everyone

To keep everyone busy and entertained at the block party, you will need to focus on providing activities for the kids. You can plan an array of exciting but simple games that will surely keep the kids happy. You can also ask each neighbor to provide some entertainment or things to do for the kids during the party. While the kids are having fun with the games, adults can eat and socialize to get to know one another. Using name tags is also a good way of helping neighbors socialize. Do not forget to have music playing in the background throughout the party as well.
Valerie Jacobs is an event planner and freelance writer. She regularly contributes articles to event management and outdoor structure websites such as Coast to Coast Carports.