How To Organize A Cheap Backyard Party This Summer For Your Friends

Next time when you will throw the summer party at your house you need not to be worried about the menu and venue and the most important thing i.e. budget. It is just not possible for you to sit idle and attend summer parties and enjoy barbeque at your friends’  places.  Sometimes you have to organize such parties. But you are worried about the shortage of spaces at your home and you cannot afford to rent lounges or halls every time you throw parties.

Before you prepare for the next party you need to create a relaxing atmosphere at your home. Followings rte the areas which you need to keep in mind while planning for a summer party. Areas like foods, guests, entertainment and the decorations can make your party an instant hit amongst your friends and other invitees.

Foods: The party that has been styled as potluck can be an excellent idea, which can help to embrace the community rising above the financial trouble. Your party will become a platform where people from different culture and tradition will mingle with each other, share their beauty secrets, recipes, discuss abou8t finance, jobs and many other things. They will continue discussing over just a plate of tiropita or simply a homemade meat or potato dishes. 

You can either invite a handful of guests and request them to bring some cooked foods or you can take the entire responsibility of foods staring from appetizers to desserts yourself. This method can help you to save a lot of precious money of yours without disturbing a single guest.  In case you have decided to take the entire responsibility of making food then you can follow the tips discussed below:

 Appetizers: You can select a large amount of cheap yet filling food, which you can later, enhanced and garnish further with spices. For example, you can buy chicken wings and then mix them up with garlic salt, buffalo seasoning, old bay or a number of items that you think would taste the best. You can also opt for crock-pot meatballs, which can be garnished by sausage links, and fruits before serving.

Main courses: Like the appetizers you should also prepare bulk quantity of food items here as well. You can try potatoes, which are quite heap and excellently work as versatile and filling.  You can prepare potatoes in different ways. Make salad with potatoes, bake them, fry them, sliced them and serve your guests. Apart from these, you can also keep hamburger, chicken skewers, and hotdogs and pair these items with sliced melons, baked beans or fruit salad before serving.

Desserts: It is suggested that you should buy some desserts items direct from the stores in your locality. It will save your time and money. There are a number of grocery stores that offers huge sale on day old cookies. You can easily buy them on the day of the party so that it cannot get staled or you can buy brownies, pastries, cheese or carrot cakes from your nearest confectionaries.

Entertainment:  It is not very tough to entertain guests at a summer party as they already remain entertained with sunny weather and plates full of tasty foods. But still you can arrange for some games like volleyball, baseball etc at the backyard of your house. The entire arrangements can be made within a day by spending less than $20. Apart from that you can arrange for music by fitting outdoor speakers. If you do not have outdoor speakers fitted for party then you can request our guest who can sing well to entertain the guests.

Decorations: decoration is one of the most important factors, which can make your party an instant hit. You should always decorate our party depending upon the theme you want to choose. If you want to bring Mediterranean feel then you should decorate it with Partheneon-esque pillar, potted flowers etc. It will be further attractive if the guests dress according to that theme and decoration. Otherwise you can simply decorate it with floating candles, flower petals, orchids etc. 

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