How To Pick The Right Driving Instructor For The Job

Driving instructors are ten a penny in London – so how do you choose which one to start your learning experience with.  How do you make the choice between good and bad?  Which ones are just trying to take your money and which ones will help you get your driving licence?  There are many questions like this that get asked every day and with so many driving instructors in London it is becoming harder and harder to make your choice.

There will be some that appear too good to be true as their prices are so low and there will be others that appear to be too expensive and make you wonder whether they are worth the money.  The key when choosing which driving instructor to teach you around the streets of London is to your due diligence and ensure that you go with your gut instincts.  Most of these instructors will offer either one or two free / reduced lessons in order to try to entice you into going with them. This is a good thing as it will give you a general idea as to how the instructor operates, their teaching skills, their people skills and whether you will be able to get on with them or not. The choice of where to get your driving lessons in London is endless but for peace of mind it is always worth researching online for reviews to see if people have left any feedback regarding the instructor. One other way is to see how long the instructors have been established and whether they are fully qualified, (this can be found out by asking to see their badges / documentation).
A more popular option is to sign up for a residential course where you basically pay a fee for a week’s tuition with a driving test at the end of the week and if you fail you will either be guaranteed a full or partial refund on the fees you have paid.  This is commonly known as an intensive course as you essentially spend a week driving around the city of London preparing for their driving test at the end of the week.
There tends to be more and more people opting for this route as it can work out a lot cheaper than paying for numerous driving lessons only to constantly fail your driving test and then fork out for more.  Also, by taking this route you will also be guaranteed to learn from a highly qualified individual.
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