How To Plan A Fun Sangeet In Mumbai

Sangeet is probably the ‘one’ ceremony, which requires as much planning as the wedding itself. It is the most awaited event during a series of formal dos when the entire clans from the bride and groom’s side enjoy and interact in a fun filled atmosphere.

A typical sangeet in Mumbai usually showcases Bollywood elements, and why not? The city is India’s largest hub of the movie industry. So, if you are a Mumbai bride, it is very natural for you to opt for a Bollywood themed sangeet ceremony. By doing so, not only you will be able to utilize the large repository of wedding songs from the movies, but also the glitz and glamour will let your candid wedding photographer to work magic with his lenses.

Below are a few tips on how to plan a fun sangeet ceremony:

Shake it up: A sangeet may be an informal do but there is no harm in showing off some talent. If you are a good dancer, practice your best moves on some upbeat numbers. However, if you have two left foot, it will be wise to get some training from a professional. This will also double up as an effective pre-wedding workout session.

Hire a DJ: This you need to do much in advance. There is no need to go for big names in the market. Any friend with an ear for music will fit the bill. However, make sure to prepare a list of latest and classic hits and hand it over to him/her much early, so that there is no last minute goof-up. Also, have a trial session a couple of days before the do, so that you can have a back-up plan ready.

Choose the decoration as per the theme: Tell your wedding decorator what theme and elements you want in your sangeet. For Bollywood themed sangeet, you would need a stage with a curtain. Ask the decorator to adorn the venue like a movie theater with life-size cut-outs of you two and popcorn booths. Get a photo booth too in the shape of a ticket counter. Arrange the seating on different heights giving the illusion of diverse classes. Use spotlights. If possible, hire a lighting professional to bring the movie like effects.

Make a statement: Enter in style for a joint performance. A scooter, a cycle or a rickshaw will add enough quirks to the do. Dress according to a famous couple and dance away in relevant numbers. Use thermacol pearls, glitter papers, and fake fog. Colorful props like dandiya sticks, umbrellas, oversized sunglasses, lungis etc. will bring variety. However, exercise caution not to add too many elements; else the entire event will seem extremely chaotic. Also, pay attention to the comfort of your dancing stars and have some chappals handy.

Fun activities: Have some singing competition for non-dancers like antakshari and Karaoke. Group activities like tug-of-war and musical chair will help shy people open up. Arrange for a paper dance competition for the younger generation. Involve elders in singing and dancing by playing music from their era. Finally have an award ceremony in fun categories like best nautanki, Mr. shy, and miss thumka. Give away small goodies as prizes.

Sangeets can be extremely enjoyable if planned properly. Hence, take your time to strategize a memorable one. Also, ask your professional wedding photographer in Mumbai to click as many pictures of you and your guests as possible. Send one to each attendee and let them cherish the moments too.