How To Plan The Perfect Stag Weekend

One of your soon-to-be-married mates is looking to have an adventurous weekend before he ties the knot. Why not plan for a stag weekend? This article serves as your guide.

Sort out who is coming

This part should be done early in the planning process. The group who is coming influences a lot of factors: how long you can be there, your budget, and the types of activities that will go over well. Once you have sorted out who should be on board, it will be easier to make set plans.

Work out time and money constraints

Two factors tend to affect a lot of decisions for holidays: time and money. If you have a four-day weekend, for example, your geographical reach may extend farther than if you only have two full days. Similarly, your budget will dictate a lot of where you go and what you do.

Get with the guys who have committed to go and work out these important constraints as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may wind up planning a trip that few people have the time or money to attend.

Personalize your trip

Stag weekends do not need to follow a formula. If the groom-to-be wants a wild weekend and all his mates also party hard, then a standard stag weekend with plenty of alcohol and women may be in order.

Plenty of men are not interested in a weekend of just that, though. They’d rather hang out at a casual bar, or maybe, on the other end of the spectrum, do high-adrenaline sport. Make sure you plan activities that suit the guys going on the trip, especially the person about to get married. Don’t forget, the point is to have a great time. Customizing your trip to fit the group ensures that will happen.

Confirm that all places on the itinerary allow for stag parties

Some establishments do not let in large same-sex groups, especially if it is clear they are out to have a rowdy night. Double check that all the places you will be attending accept stag parties. This is especially important if you know you everyone will be out to drink heavily, and that things could get out of hand.

Keep everyone in the loop

Do not leave communication up to chance. People tend to forget details easily, and the planning process is made more confusing if you entrust someone else to pass information along. Take advantage of how connected everyone is today through technology – send emails with a full itinerary, set up a Facebook event, and get in touch with everyone very close to the date to double check everyone is good to go.

Have some surprises up your sleeve

Keeping everyone in the loop comes with one exception: make sure that the future groom gets a surprise or two while on the trip. Pranks are common, but make sure they do not get out of hand, especially if he is easily embarrassed. You could also set up a surprise outing that he would really enjoy, but keep it quiet until the stag weekend is underway.

Oversee everything if you’re the main planner

Even after you have made plans, you still need to see them through. If you were responsible for most of the planning, you should make sure those plans go smoothly, too. Have relevant details nearby for bookings and, when you’re out, try to curb your drinking a bit. That will make it easier for you to step up and take care of any nights that go awry.

Stag weekends are a great way for grooms-to-be to spend quality time with their mates before entering into married life. With a bit of planning, it is sure to be a weekend they will never forget.

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