How To Plan Your Around-The-World Trip

Circumnavigation is definitely the ultimate dream of any traveller. Travelling around the world is one of the best experiences you can ever have, so planning for months ahead of the trip is important. To get started with your plan, here are some useful tips you may want to consider.

Length of the Trip
First things first – decide on how long you would like to take on your journey to circumnavigate the world. To help you settle on the length of the travel, consider buying a round-the-world or RTW ticket since this is cheaper compared to following other kinds of routing. The RTW ticket that you must buy should be a part of an airline alliance, such as Star Alliance that brings their customers to 185 countries. Round-the-world travel can take at least ten days using RTW tickets. It can also take a maximum of one year with RTW tickets, so it depends on your decision about the length of your travel.

Date of the Travel
When will you start your around-the-world trip? Don’t worry too much about the weather in all the countries that you would visit, because it will never be in accordance to what you want. What you need to do is to concentrate on the seasons that are present in the best locations you want to visit. For instance, don’t go to the Pacific between June to August, as these are the months of storms and tropical typhoons. Be sure to visit the islands in the Pacific during March to May, the months when you can fully enjoy summer in the tropics. Aside from checking the seasons, it’s always best to pray for the right weather to enjoy outdoor adventures.

Places to Visit
The cheapest and most typical RTW tickets bring travellers to the world’s biggest cities. An example of a round-the-world trip using this kind of RTW ticket is London in England to Bangkok in Hong Kong to Singapore to Sydney in Australia to Los Angeles in the USA. If you book for smaller cities and provinces, the prices will increase accordingly. RTW tickets are prices based on how many countries you want to visit or the total distance you would travel. Don’t forget that your itinerary should include your personal highlights first, and then the secondary places that are accessible from your personal highlights.

Budget Tips
Going around the world doesn’t have to mean you need to visit the most famous countries. You can have the same fun and enjoyment even when you visit the least expensive countries. Plus, you get to share exciting stories to people who had gone round-the-world but didn’t get to visit South East Asia, particularly India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. These countries are rich in culture but won’t demand high fees for sightseeing, compared to North America and Western Europe. To get great estimates of the travel costs in places you want to visit, check out online travel forums and traveller blogs and websites. Online travel experts can also help you with budgeting and right allocation of your money during your round-the-world trip.

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