How to Prepare for a Happy Retirement

Retire and be happy!

When the time comes to finally unchain ourselves from our desks and come blinking and rubbing our eyes as we exit dark board rooms for the last time, we should be fully prepared for the brave new world that awaits us away from work.Unfortunately, the world away from work for many newly retired people isn’t all that they expected it to be and from a combination of losing a sense of identity to simply not knowing how to fill their time, retiring and relaxation often doesn’t go hand in hand.

Having just spoken to my father on the subject of his forthcoming D-day I’ve been left in no uncertain terms that if you prepare for life after work with all of the organisational and time management skills that you employed in the workplace then you’re bound to set foot on the right path. Below are 5 great ideas that my dad presented to me for his retirement plans and from travel to busily doing nothing, if you’re of an age where you’re counting down the days to a golden handshake then read on because this one’s for you.

Move abroad

Retire and be happy!

It’s often said that the UK holds little or no comfort for the older generation and from a general lack of respect to the biting cold of winter, considering moving abroad has to be something on all new retirees’ minds. Spain, America and Australia are all great destinations for the older generation and a combination of warm weather, ex-pat communities and simply having more things to do outside certainly adds up to an option that’s well-worth considering.

Travel the World

If you don’t fancy making a permanent move abroad then why not think about travelling to some far off places that you’d only previously dreamed about? This is your chance to visit Asia or Africa and come home brimming with stories to tell the grandkids. What could be more exciting than hiring a camper van and cruising across the states or going on small ship cruises where you hop on and hop off at one exotic destination after the next? The world’s your oyster so grab it with both hands.

Continue to Work

Perhaps the thought of lazing around all day on-board a sun-bleached deck doesn’t appeal to you and in which case, isn’t it about time that you worked on that project that you’ve never had the time to do in the past? Garden sheds, home studies and even conservatories are crying out for creative thoughts and if you fancy turning your hand to inventing, writing or another money-making venture then now’s the time to do it.

Do Something Amazing

Of course, now you’ve got all this time off then you can start to think about all of the things that you never thought that you’d be able to achieve. Marathon running, trekking in the Himalayas or swimming the Channel are all challenges that lie ahead and if you’ve got the will-power and the stamina then there’s nothing to stop you on your quest to do something amazing. Life’s not over just because you’ve finished work, in fact, it’s just beginning.

Sit Back and Relax

Of course, now that you have nothing to do other than a spot of pottering in the garden or getting the paper from the local shops, time will move at a much more convenient pace. No more deadlines or important documents to get signed-off means that you can actually put your feet up and relax for the first time in a long time. Make the most of it because you never know when you’re going to get lumbered with the grandkids which means a whole new line of work in itself!