How To Prevent Damage From A Water Main Leak

One of the fears that many city planners and engineers have is that a water main leak will form somewhere along the system and cause damage to the underground infrastructure.  Even though everyone above ground carries on with their usual routines while it’s happening, the damage from a water main leak can result in a reduction in water pressure and higher water bills if it’s left untreated.

A quick reaction is the key to preventing damage from a water main leak, as well as taking steps so it doesn’t happen in the first place.

Update the System

The fact of the matter is that many of the water mains and valves in many cities are old and no longer work well.  Aging systems mean that the pipes are weak and more prone to leaks.  At some point, every city and town has to face the fact that it’s time for a water main update.  In most cases, only certain sections will need to be replaced, and when they are, the likelihood of a water main leak will drop dramatically.

Leak Detection

Leak detection is process whereby an outside company will come in and set up a program and a system that detects leaks when they happen. A company that specializes in leak detection will use all the latest technology to pinpoint the location of a leak, so it is corrected quickly.  With aging systems and without the use of technology, it can be extremely difficult to figure out precisely which part of the water main has suffered a leak.
Top leak detection companies use in-line pipe inspection tools and audio or video to help find even the smallest leaks from the inside out.  Digital noise loggers and sonic listening devices are some other tools that are used to detect a leak. The company that’s chosen to complete the work will set up a schedule and come in to test the water mains on a regular basis, to ensure everything is running smoothly.  Using water main leak detection is a sure way to keep the system healthy and prevent costly damage.

Get Some Exercise

Another technique that’s designed to keep water main leaks to a minimum is what’s known as water main valve exercise.  This type of exercise is for all of the valves that are located along the length of the water main.
When there is a leak, one of the ways that damage is minimized is to shut off the flow of water at the closest valve.  However, over time, valves can become stuck in place and virtually impossible to move.
When water main valve exercise is included in the overall program, technicians will go in on a regular basis and basically turn the valves, to keep them in good working order.  If all the valves work properly, they are easy to shut off if a leak is detected.  It’s also easier to repair valves if they are damaged, because technicians will always have a good idea of which ones need attention from doing the exercise.
When all of these techniques are used, damage from water main leaks is reduced and the city can just carry on as normal.
Water main leaks need to be dealt with quickly and effectivley. Look to the trusted experts at Wachs Water Services for all water service needs.