How To Professionally Clean Paint Brushes After Every Use:

This article is going to advise on how to properly clean a paintbrush. Contrary to popular belief, most paint brushes are going to be used more than once and I’m going to show you how to clean them.

There’s a few ways to clean paint brushes but not many articles on exactly how to do it. Being a professional painter, the brush I’m using today is worth about twenty pounds. You just can’t use it once and throw it away; it’s got to be kept clean. The cleaner the brush, the better the cutting lines, the better the tool works because remember; your brush is a tool.

When you get paint on the bristles, even if you keep them clean, you’re going to get little white strands of paint that cover the little vestibules. You have to get those off and they don’t come off when they dry, well not very easily. What we do in the professional painting world, is to take the paintbrush, and put it on a hard surface, like some cardboard.

Cleaning the paint brush:

You can use cold water or hot water, I prefer hot water. You take one hand, and you hold onto the brush. The other hand, you take a standard wire brush, and you brush out, always out. And as you brush, the white paint or whatever color will start to come off. If that doesn’t work too well, then what you want to do is you want to take a smaller wire brush, any wire brush will work, and what I do is I will use hot water and I will stroke it, just like you’re stroking a maiden’s long hair or just pretend you’re doing a haircut or something.


As you stroke it against this hard surface, this will clean all the nice little bules, nothing will come out and then it’ll be nice and fresh for the next day. Also, I use this on the paint up here, on here, and on the handle if I want to take it off. This will take off every bit of paint on here and make this almost look new.

Then; when all the paint is taken off, then you have a, basically a brand new paint brush to start the day with. And if the tool is in good shape, it will work a lot better for you. And that works on a thirty dollar paint brush, a ten dollar paint brush, or any size brush. You can see where there’s a little bit of white right there. Now, you can see where it’s dried because this one hasn’t really been cleaned, but what I would do with this one, is put it underneath the water and give it a thorough rinse. Just keep going over and over and over it, and combing these bristles, through the paint bristles, until it’s clean. And you turn it over, and you do the other side. And when you’re done, it’ll look brand new. That is how we clean paint brushes every time we paint, every night, after you’re done with the paint job.

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