How To Prolong A Television’s Life

Business owners know that having a TV drives foot traffic and foot traffic drives sales. Having a TV has become a conventional part of many businesses. For restaurants and bars, people love to camp out on Sundays and take in all of the games, but spots aimed at women are also bringing in television sets to occupy husbands and kids while mom shops. Buying a TV for your business is an investment and you want to protect it.

Why You Should Protect Your Outdoor TV

  • Weather elements. The weather can and will destroy an outdoor TV. It’s just a matter of how long that takes to happen. For calm climates, it will take far longer for a TV to succumb to the weather elements. You don’t want to bring a TV inside or rush to take it down just because it starts to drizzle. A durable TV cover will protect the TV adding life to your investment.
  • People. It’s human nature to be curious. If a TV is off because it is not available at the time a guest is on the patio or lanai, you will inevitably have the curious patron who wants to turn the TV on. Covering the TV is a simple way to avoid this. While you will have your extra special patrons who may try to uncover the TV, the vast majority won’t attempt to tamper with the TV because of the cover. As a business owner who watches the bottom line carefully, this is exactly what you want.

Covering the TV about 15 minutes before closing is also a great way to wind down a crowd. This should happen well after last call and leave patrons room to comfortably finish their drinks and get out the door. Look for a high quality durable TV covers that will stand up to rain and light snow. Depending on what the climate is like during the fall and winter, you may have to bring the TVs inside since it’s unlikely patrons will sit on the patio during cold weather.

A TV cover is a smart way to protect your investment and keep people from messing with the TV set when it isn’t in use. Take the time to show each employee how to properly cover the TV with the cover, making sure it’s pulled taut at all sides, leaving nothing exposed to the elements. Failure to do so can result in a TV that’s damaged simply because someone was lazy when slipping the cover on. Covers also prevent dust from accumulating on TVs, leaving employees to take care of more important tasks than climbing on a chair to dust.

Shopping for a durable TV cover is easy. Remember to pay careful attention to how many of each size cover you need. They vary based on inches, just like a TV, which makes it easy to find the one you need. Some restaurants and bars have different sizes of TVs throughout the establishment, so make a list of how many you need of each size cover before placing your order.

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