How To Purchase A Vacuum Cleaner

How To Purchase A Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a useful machine for most of our life. Sure, they are effective for cleaning the floors. However, choosing one that fits you properly is not easy. In fact, some vacuum cleaners are noisy and heavy while some come with too few or too many accessories. There are many things to consider when you shopping for a vacuum cleaner. Read this article, we will help to narrow down your choices to look for the best vacuums for you.

Upright vacuums

Many customers choose the upright vacuum cleaners. They come with a foot lever that helps to change the angle of the machine. These machines are available in many different features as well as prices. Also, they have full sizes, so you can easily choose a vacuum that fits you. They are great to clean stairs and corners thanks to accessories, including a wand. They can also work well for both carpet and bare floors. But, these models are hard to store. They weigh more than others.

Canister vacuums

They are also popular in the market today. These models are a bit more versatile than upright vacuums. So, they allow you to take it wherever you want to go. They are available in a full-sized engine. They are also great for cleaning your stairs. The canister vacuums offer increased mobility. They weigh at least 8 pounds. These models are lighter than uprights. But, they come with the long wands and cords that are more difficult to store.

Robot vacuums

These vacuums work well on keeping your floors clean. They will help you deal with your messes around the carpeted and bare floors. They promise to put off your full-scale vacuum session for longer. They are battery-powered with docking station, sensor-controlled, many cleaning modes, automated via scheduling feature, and cordless. They can be able to clean bothcarpets and bare floors. Also, they offer some apps.

Handheld Vacuums

The handheld vacuums are great for smaller jobs. They are cordless, so they allow you to clean quickly and easily as a compact on-the-go option. There are also many attachments. They weigh about 5 pounds. So, these vacuums are lightweight. They allow you easily to store them. You can also use these vacuums for your car, boat, and so on.

Stick vacuums

The stick vacuum is a streamlined upright model. They are easy to store due to their light weight. Typically, these vacuum cleaners run on batteries. These models weigh under 10 pounds. They also allow you to transfer from your carpets to hardwood floors. They are great choices for dealing with light debris. We recommend you to choose the Shark Rocket when it comes to stick vacuum cleaners. They only weigh 4.2 pounds.

Other options

In addition to these above models, there are some different considerations for you when choosing the best vacuum cleaner. You should consider them before making your decision.

All-in-one or a combo

Sometimes, you will want more than one model to meet your needs. It’s time to get a convertible model caring for all of your needs in one diverse package. And, you can consider buying the $350 Shark Rotator Powered Liftaway. This product is an upright model. It can be able to convert to a canister.

Bag and bagless vacuums

If you decide to buy a canister or an upright cleaner, you will need to opt for a reusable bin or disposable bags. A bag model can be able to hold more dust than a bagless one. But, it’s more difficult to tell how full the bag is. Bags will require you to buy replacements fairly regularly.

Corded and battery powered vacuums

A stick vac will affect maneuverability. You should buy a corded vacuum cleaner if you want to clean your whole house. With this machine, you needn’t worry about recharging. Also, it’s important to check on the battery indicator.

Worthwhile extras

There is a wide range of vacuum cleaners that offer a dearth of attachments as well as brag of many advanced features. There are many essential features you need when choosing a vacuum such as a powered brush roll, a pet hair specific attachment, the Brushroll clean, a mop attachment, and a filter.

A HEPA filter

Nowadays, there are many vacuum cleaners with a dedicated HEPA filter. This feature aims to eliminate harmful allergens such as smoke, mold, or dust from the air. But, these models are more expensive.


Each vacuum model can vary wildly in cleaning ability. You can get effective cheap models. Also, you can get models with great suction power, but don’t do as well. So, it’s important to choose a vacuum with cleaning power that is from a strange alchemy of suction power.

Best bot vac, stick vac, and most versatile

You need to get a vacuum coming with a HEPA filter if you are suffering from asthma or allergies. They are great choices for those who are concerned with air quality. Many of them allow users to remove and clean with water until they need to be replaced. But, there are also many vacuum models without a HEPA filter can do that as well. That’s why you should do your research to reduce a lot of options.


For many people, it may be daunting to buy a good vacuum cleaner. In fact, you will be overwhelmed by a ton of different models available in the market today. So, you should consider the type of cleaning you can do on a regular basis. If you are a pet owner, you need to buy one with attachments for dusting and getting hair. In order to lessen your workload, you can also choose a robot vacuum cleaner. And, it’s better to buy a stick model, if you want a lightweight vacuum. That’s all about the job you have to get done. Think about them carefully. Sure, they can help you to get a clean floor. Believe me!