How To Rebuild A Hydraulic Pump In A Car

When the pump of your vehicle’s basic brake tube turns faulty, it brings out a lot of troubles. For that reason, we are providing useful guidelines by giving exactly the procedure on to reconstructing your vehicle’s basic pump.

Action 1 – acquire a hydraulic pump reconstruction toolkit

Obtain the specific toolkit from a neighboring shop with auto-moto replacement pieces or from the internet. Ensure to purchase a reconstruct toolkit that is well-matched with your car.

Action 2 – lift the car

Make use of the car’s elevating tool to lift the car, and after that set the tool stands below the car, so it will be easy to work underneath the vehicle. 

Action 3 – take away the wheels

With the help of a lug wrench take away all the lug bolts and afterwards take them from the car and place them to a side.

Action 4 – take away the brake flexible conduit

Cover with WD-40 or other incisive spray on bolts so to attach the brake pedal lines from the master tube. After that, remove the flexible conduit from the tube.

Action 5 – retract the brake liquid rate sensor

Retract the holding clip that connects the sensor of brake liquid with the brake liquid tank. Next, take out the liquid sensor gently. 

Action 6 – dislodge the brake liquid tank

Take out the bolts which connect the brake liquid tank with the master tube. Then dislodge the tank and place it to the side. 

Action 7 – take out the master tube

Release the screws which embrace the master tube in position and take it out from the motor region. 

Action 8 – reconstruct the Master tube

Take away the snap circle from the tube and remove it. Formerly you take away the snap circle; the piston shall protrude from the tube. Drag the piston away from the tube and place it also to the side.

Oil the piston you are going to place in and after that put this in the tube. Press the piston as much as it gets, and then fasten it by the new ring. (Memo: furthermore you may modify the tube’s seals if they seem to be abraded.) 

Action 9 – Installation of a new tube

Get the screws you have detached before, and fasten them to the new tube.

Action 10 – posture again the flexible conduits

Attach the brake hoses with the new tube and by using a wrench you fasten them.

Action 11 – locate the Reservoir and liquid rate sensor

Connect the reservoir with the tube using the screws which you detached before. After that, apply the holding clip and locate the liquid level sensor to the liquid tank.

Action 12 – fill in Brake liquid

Pour into the brake liquid tank the brake liquid.

Action 13 – make brake bleeding

Take the valve of the bleeder out of the caliper which is close by the tube. After that, ask  somebody to affect force on brakes with the purpose of bleeding the brake mechanism. At last, put back the main part of valve which previously we had taken out. Once you end with that, repeat the similar procedure with the additional calipers.

Action 14 – fit the wheels

Place the wheels on the car, and with the help of a lug wrench fasten them firmly. 

Action 15 – bring down the vehicle

Detract jack stands from the vehicle and put the car down.

Mr. Shah from Sukan Industrial Marketing Private Limited writes about hydraulics