How To Recover from Alcohol Addiction One Step At A Time

How To Recover from Alcohol Addiction One Step At A Time

Don’t let its legal status fool you. Alcohol is one of the most addictive substances around. Drinking alone doesn’t make one an addict, but scores of people find themselves dealing with alcoholism. If you are addicted to alcohol, hope is available for you. Here are four tips for how to recover from alcohol addiction one step at a time.

Seek Support

Addiction is a powerful beast, one that might make you feel ashamed to tell others about. There is no reason to feel ashamed, we all have our struggles. However, if you go about it alone, you might lack the tools to succeed long-term. Instead, you need to let family and friends know that you’re kicking your alcohol habit. If anyone is going to judge you for getting sober, you should consider cutting them out of your life. You should also consider joining support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Keep Yourself Accountable

If kicking addictive substances was easy, we’d hear about a lot more people accomplishing it. It’s incredibly difficult, not only because of their addictive nature but also because you have to adjust to life without them. To avoid falling back into addiction, you need to reshape your priorities. Give yourself a set schedule of productive activities every day. You should also be going to bed at a decent hour and associating with people who will benefit your recovery.


You’re going to experience a whole host of emotions when going through recovery. There might be the initial thrill of deciding you’re done with drinking. However, there might also be anxiety and concerns about what will happen next. Whatever you’re feeling, don’t keep it bottled up. Keep a detailed journal, on your computer, phone, or in a physical notebook. This can help you flesh out your feelings, especially during such a difficult and trying time. Journaling is something that always helps many people improve their mental health in untold ways.

Plan an Intervention

Should you have a close friend who is addicted to alcohol, an intervention might be a necessary endeavor. During an alcohol intervention, a person is confronted about how their addiction has affected others. You need to make sure that your intervention is properly planned. Invite an appropriate number of people and make it clear that you want to help them, rather than shame them. This can help the person realize how their actions are affecting the other people around them, whether they be family members or friends.  This is a jarring experience, but it can ultimately be very helpful when it comes to the individual.

We hope this has given you a great idea of where to start when it comes to overcoming your alcohol addiction. Being an addict is part of who you are, but it shouldn’t define you. With this guide, you can help overcome your dependence on alcohol. If you know someone who is addicted to alcohol, this guide can be a help to them and hopefully kickstart their recovery.