How To Reduce The Holiday Spending

In recent years, many of us have had to re-assess our spending as a result of the pressures caused by the economic recession, and with only a slow recovery on the horizon it seems we will need to continue to be a lot more frugal than we once were. Whether we’re buying petrol for our cars or food for our tummies, great care is the order of the day.
It’s a sad but inevitable outcome of a recession that many people have had to go without their annual holiday. A week or two in a sunnier clime is a great opportunity to recharge the batteries of life, but if we are unable to afford the flights, the accommodation and the spending money there’s no point in going. However, it’s still possible to enjoy a vacation on a budget, so here are a few basic tips on reducing the summer spending.

Spend less on transport
In pre-recession years, most of us hired a car for the duration of our holidays, preferably from a company based at the destination airport, so we had our own transport for the duration of the trip. It was convenient, of course, but it was also expensive. A good way to save some hard cash is to only book a car for a few days, if at all, and to rely on the local public transport network instead.
Cut down on restaurant bills
For most of us, the largest expenditure on foreign holidays involves food and drink from the wide choice of restaurants and bars in the local resort. And while it’s great to explore the local eateries, it’s certainly not cheap. Many hotels offer an all-inclusive option nowadays, so the cost of meals and certain drinks are included in the price of the vacation. With this, you can reduce the spending dramatically.
Take a packed lunch
There’s nothing quite like a day at the beach, basking under a hot sun and clear blue skies. Even if you’re not a fan of sun-bathing, you can be a fan of doing nothing at all while chilling out on a sun-lounger. And when you get hungry at some point during the day, you can avoid the high prices in the local restaurants by taking a packed lunch with you. Buy the food from the supermarket and you can save a small fortune.
Shop till you drop in the right places
In just about any holiday location, there will be stores and market stalls designed to attract visitors, and while their products may be excellent you have to remember you’ll be paying tourist prices. If you want to indulge in some retail therapy, find out where the locals shop and go there instead. The chances are you’ll find the same items, but at substantially lower prices.
David Showell is from the UK and is a regular visitor to continental Europe. When he’s not traveling, he’s working for