How to Remove Bed Bugs from Our Dorms?

Dorms are places where students spend much of their time in the college and they can be infested with different kinds of critters, including the vampiric bed bugs. These insects are able to hitch a ride in our luggage when it is collected with others’ luggage. It could also be transported with books and clothing. Problems often arise in the heavily populated dorms area and students could bring many kinds of insects with them, making dorms a thriving habitat for different kinds of organisms, not just human. The problem can be exacerbated by the fact that college students are among the least clean creatures on the planet. It is possible that they rarely change bed sheet and clean up their bed. They could also sleep while heavily perspiring, making the bed more humid.

In reality, poor bed maintenance could have a huge effect on students’ ability to perform well. In this case, they may not be able to study well, if they sleep poorly during the need. In this case, college students should prevent bed bugs from spreading in their room. In this case, all dirty clothing and bedding should be store in sealed, large plastic bags. They shouldn’t be opened until properly laundered. Other objects that may attract and carry insects should be sealed, such as hat, jackets, socks and spare shoes. Backpack is also a perfect place for bed bugs to hide, so it should be cleaned thoroughly outdoor after a long trip, preferably with vacuum cleaner. We shouldn’t also forget checking the small compartments and pockets.

This may sound cruel, but during heavy bed bugs infestations in the dorm area, it is important to not allow other students from entering our room. It doesn’t matter how clean they take a bath or wash their hands, bed bugs can still be carried in their clothing. Everything that enters our room should be laundered properly and only at high temperature settings. In this case, we should choose laundry services that could guarantee the elimination of any small organisms. Any items should be wiped well, preferably outside the room. It is also important to visually check these items for any sign of bed bugs. Empty luggage should be checked continuously and bugs could hide in small areas, like seams, folds and creases of our clothing. They can be so small they crawl through the fabric.

When cleaning for items like books, if could place them in special sealed bags, which allows to suck the air completely using the vacuum cleaner. These bags should be placed in the freezer for about a day and we could immediately see traces of eggs and dead bugs at the bottom of the plastic. Treating electronic devices like game consoles, smartphones and laptops will require different methods. There are low-powered vacuum cleaners designed for electronics devices, so we should consider using them. If possible, we should open the case and inspect the interior for possible for traces of bugs.