How to Reverse Memory Degradation?

Many people start to have reduced memory performance. They may start to leave behind things at friend’s homes, forget to close the front door, misplace their keys and lose their glasses. If people start to have reduced quality of life due to forgetfulness and memory loss, it is important for them to perform changes. The first thing that they should do is by getting medical check up. As an example, depression and anxiety could cause reduction in memory performance. Hardening of arteries and brain tumors could also reduced blood flow to the brain.

It is important for us to have more balanced lifestyle, so we are able to become mindful and not absent-minded. Stress could happen when we are not in control. In this case, people could feel that they have no control. The higher level of kinase C, an enzyme in the brain, could cause impaired short term memory. Regardless of the results of medical checkup, we should improve our dietary intake. Proper consumption of nutrients could nourish our gray matter. Fruits and vegetables with dark and deep vibrant color are always brimming with antioxidants.

Antioxidants could neutralize free radicals that break down healthy cells. Fruits and vegetables with dark purple color could delay symptoms of age-related memory performance. B-complex vitamin could also be found in meat, so we would be able to have better immune system. Whole grain pasta, dark green vegetables, nuts and mushrooms are good sources of vitamin B complex. It should be able to enhance memory. Pyridoxine or vitamin B6 could help to improve our long term memory.  Avocado, liver, banana, spinach, breads, cereals and whole grains are rich in vitamin B6.

We should also consume enough tyrosine, a type of amino acid; which can be found in chicken and beef. In order to reduce fat intake, we should choose the leaner beef or chicken. Tyrosine is also able to provide relief against stress and we are able to increase the overall mental alertness. An amino acid found in whole grains is known as tryptophan could help calm our brain. We should know that our brain is consisted of fat, so we should consume the right kind of fatty acids to improve the overall memory performance.

Freshly ground flax seeds, olive oils and canola oils are good sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. Choline is needed to improve our overall brain cell membranes. We could find choline in soy beans, lecithin, egg yolks, brewer yeast, liver, wheat germ, leafy vegetables, beef and milk. Lecithin and soy products contain phosphatidylcholine, which is converted to acetylcholine. This will allow us to improve the condition of neurotransmitter in the brain. Boron could help to improve our memory and concentration. The semi-metallic material could be found in avocados, nuts, apples and raisins.

Zinc is a type of essential mineral that can enhance concentration and memory. It could be found in dark turkey meat, whole grains, cereals, legumes, fish, oysters and seafood. Iron is also essential to improve red blood cells to improve the level of oxygen n our body. We could obtain more iron in peanut butterm raisins, leafy vegetables, liver, eggs, lean meat, shellfish, molasses and soy beans. In general, diet with excellent nutritional base is essential if we want to preserve our memory, despite old age. Exercise is also beneficial to improve cognitive performance, because blood flow more smoothly to all parts of the body, including our brains.