How To Run Dual Bios On Your Pc With Easy Steps?

How To Run Dual Bios On Your Pc With Easy Steps?

How to run Dual Bios In your PC, XP, Win 7 or Win 8.

These day people are crazy in Operating computer in their own style. They want to customize their PC as their wish.

You may find some of your favourite programs are not running in WIN 7, that may be disgusting in many cases, this kind of problems were faced by many people and asked  over web many times.

It’s really simple if you are using windows XP at present in your pc. You must have a Windows 7 CD and also one XP CD with you.

To have a quick format you can use USB formatting method.

If you have Win XP installed in your PC just follow these steps.

Insert your Win 7 CD/USB to CPU, then restart you PC, Don’t forget to set you Bios to CD-ROM/USB before you format your PC.

First your screen appear with

Windows Loading files -> Install Now->Custom(Advanced).

Wait until your screen appears to this page


Here after you find this page. You must not format your previous Drive which contains previous working Operating system. Simply show path to another drive or the same dive which you installed win XP Before. And format your pc as usual and you will find Dual Operating system.

This process is only done when you use presently XP in you PC.

What if you are using Win 7 and you want to run Win 8 in your PC. It is simple as before how it was told before.

Let’s consider you are using windows 7 in your PC and want to install windows 8 in it. Just simply follow the same steps and continue your formatting

Note: in earlier it was told that its simple if you already containing Win XP you should install Win later, same way if you are already containing Win 7 running present you must install only win 8 not XP.


First install XP and then later Win 7 to run Dual Bios in your PC.

If you first install 7 and then later you install XP there will not have Dual bios in your PC. XP will remove you all drives. There will be only XP in Progress.

To have Both Win 7, Win 8 in your PC.

First you must install Win 7 and later install Win 8 in your PC to have Dual Bios.

 Same way as before said you must not install win 8 and next win 7

If this is done only one bios will be in progress