How To Save Money On Children’s Birthday Parties

How To Save Money On Children’s Birthday Parties

Every parent wants the absolute best for their children. This includes giving them everything they want for their birthday. A birthday is a big occasion ever single year for a child and every parent wants to recognize this and give their child the special day that they deserve. Unfortunately, many parents are working with a limited budget and struggle to give their child specifically everything he or she wants on his or her birthday.

Even if parents are working hard to save as much money as possible, they can still host an amazing birthday party for their kids. There are a lot of tricks that parents can use to ensure that their children’s birthday parties are every bit as fun and exciting without breaking the bank. Any parent can use these ideas to make their next kid’s birthday party a complete success. Here are some ways to save money on children’s birthday parties.

Let the Kids be their Own Entertainment

Kids can create great entertainment for themselves on their own with a few props and a little assistance, so there is no reason for parents to spend a lot of money on some form of entertainment. Letting kids put on a play for have a karaoke party can be some of the best entertainment for everyone.

DIY Decorations

There are a lot of pre-made decorations that parents can use for birthday parties from specialty shops, but these can be very expensive, especially if they can only be used for one day. Parents can instead replicate those same decorations themselves, even letting their children help them.


When a parent is planning a party, it is difficult to know how much food and favors to prepare for when they do not have a definite guest list. Parents should use RSVPs to make sure that they know exactly how many people are coming. This is easy to do with a simple and free email invite.

Skip the Name Brands

There are a lot of theme parties that will require parents to pay extra money for name brand items for their party. Though kids may demand these types of themed parties, parents can use shortcuts to avoid buying all the name brand items. For example, buying paper items in the brand’s same colors can give the same look at half the price.

Do a Double Party

Planning a party alone can be a big financial burden for any parent. However, parents who have kids similar in age and birth date can have a joint party to serve everyone needs in a less expensive manner. This takes a lot of the financial burden and workload of parents.

Plan for Next Year’s Party

Parents who want to save the most money should plan in advance for their child’s birthday parties. Using can help parents plan the best parties without having to stress last minute about how they will be paying for everything that their children want.