How to Save Money on Travel

Travelling is one of life’s great joys, but it can also be expensive. For many people, the annual family holiday is the biggest expense in their calendar, but the costs of shorter trips can also add up. By following a few simple rules, you could save money on travel, allowing you to make more frequent trips to visit family and friends, or save money that can be put towards the holiday of a lifetime. These travel tips come to your courtesy of Wizzcash. I hope you find them informative and useful!

Be Prepared

Booking early can be a good way to get the best deals on travel fares. Being organised about your travel plans well in advance allows you to take advantage of the best deals. Advanced rail tickets can often be much cheaper than those you buy on the day at the station, but there is often a limited number of this type of ticket available, so don’t miss out! Booking in advance also means that you can reserve a seat on the train, whereas those who buy their ticket at the station on the day will be forced to stand if the train is crowded. Advanced booking makes financial sense, so get online and book your tickets as soon as possible.

Once your plans are firmly made, avoid the temptation to change them. There can be additional administration charges to change the date on a travel ticket, and you could even be forced to buy a new ticket. If you think you might need to change your plans after you book, make sure you choose a ticket that allows you the flexibility to do so.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Regular travellers can take advantage of season tickets, railcards, and other frequent traveller discounts to make big savings on their travel costs. If you are a young person or a pensioner, you might be entitled to a young person’s railcard or a bus pass. Even if you don’t fall into a particular group, you might still be able to buy an annual travel card that entitles you to a discount each time you travel, or purchase a season ticket that means you pay a lower price per journey. Commuters in particular can benefit from these types of discounts. Calculate how often you are likely to travel during the year and how much you can expect to save on rail or bus fares to decide whether it is worth the cost of purchasing an annual railcard or season ticket.

Consider Cheaper Forms of Transport

We are often encouraged to take public transport to reduce congestion and pollution, but if you are travelling in a group then it might not be the most cost-effective option. Several friends making a journey together might find it cheaper to hire a car and split the cost of fuel between them, rather than each person buying a ticket to travel on a bus or train. A larger group could save even more money on travel costs by hiring a minibus or coach, although this option will require the driver to hold a license that allows them to drive such a vehicle. If you are travelling as a group, it may be worth comparing several different options before you book to see whether you can save money on the journey by organising your own group transport.

Walk or Cycle

For short journeys, the cheapest forms of transport are those where you power yourself, such as walking or cycling. Buying a cheap bike could save you money on daily bus fares, as well as helping you to get fit. Alternatively, you might be able to save money and get more exercise by getting off the bus or tube a few stops early and walking the rest of the way.

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