How To Sell More Retail Products

Humans are, by nature, visually driven.  We are attracted to the things we find aesthetically pleasing, and we react strongly to things we can see.  The retail industry has spent decades maximizing on this knowledge; from designing an attractive and inviting exterior to visual elements inside the building, every visible detail of a retail establishment is intended to ease the consumer in, make him or her feel comfortable, and encourage a sale.  Some common visual tactics that retailers use include:

  • Lighting – Bright lights at the front of the store, aimed inward, draw you in without coming across as harsh.  Inside, featured products are highlighted with spotlights to enhance their visual appeal.  Fitting room lighting is specifically designed to be flattering so you’re more likely to buy.
  • Color scheme – Establishments that offer lower-priced merchandise are often decorated in bright colors, which are energizing and can encourage higher volume sales.  Higher-end establishments tend to use rich, muted tones that exude sophistication and encourage customers to spend more time shopping, establishing a rapport with the sales associate, and finding the right piece to buy.
  • Arrangement – Featured items are given prominent placing, and are often shown strategically paired with complementary items to encourage additional sales.  Fun accessory items are located near the register because they are eye-catching and frequent impulse buys.
  • Display – This is perhaps the most important rule of retail aesthetics.  Consumers won’t want to buy what they don’t know exists, so it is critical for the retailer to have everything that is available for sale easily visible.

Large items are fairly easy to display.  With an assortment of freestanding floor racks, tables, and wall space, large items are easily visible and won’t get lost in the retail shuffle.  But smaller items present a few unique challenges.  First of all, because they are small, they are by nature harder to see and much more difficult to keep organized.  They are often valuable items, like jewelry, wallets, and collectibles; their value coupled with their size makes them easy and attractive targets for shoplifters.

An easy solution for the organization, display, and protection of small items is a display case.  Display cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used to properly show off any merchandise.  Position a display case with a clear top and sides near the register or checkout area for maximum visibility of those point-of-sale impulse purchase items.  Show off the perfect accessories to complement a featured item or outfit; stage the item or outfit on a prominent table and arrange the accessories in a countertop display case right next to it.  With cases of different dimensions, you can even create secure storage for your most valuable merchandise and make it look like a stylish design feature.
The right display case is essential for optimum visibility of your smallest and most valuable merchandise.  And with Discount Showcases, you’ll get a great quality display case that’s perfect for your particular needs, at an affordable price.