How to Shake Your Video Game Addiction

It may not be included in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, but video game addiction is a real problem for many individuals. If you’ve ever thought you might have a problem with video games take a look at a few signs and symptoms that may show you have a problem with video games. We’ll also try to help and let you in on a few tips about how you could shake your addiction.

How to Tell You’ve got a Problem?

Well, the main sign is you spending too much time playing video games – so much time that it has interfered with your social activities, such as school and work. Playing hours on end is a clear symptom of video game addiction. Also, when you’re not playing, are you thinking about your character or the game? If you’re out on the town, with friends, or at work and you can’t stop thinking about video games, then again, you might have a problem.

If you get nervous and even anxious when too much time has passes since you last played could be a sign you are addicted to video games. But don’t jump to conclusions, we beg of you. We’ve all have a game or two that was dear to our heart and we would play it more than we should have, but that doesn’t make everyone who’s done it an addict. There’s more to it when you’re an addict. If you think there’s something off with you and video games, seek for help and don’t let something this trivial ruin your life.

Tips and Tricks to Shake it Off

Hardcore gamers are so into the video games, that they simply cannot be bothered to have a drink of water. There have been cases where people have died of dehydration or exhaustion after having played a certain video game for too long. It is a horrible thing, we know! How about you set some rules for you? For example, make it a rule to only play for an hour a day – program your computer to shut down after one hour, but make sure you save the game.

Another little trick is to replace your video games with small internet games. They don’t require you to register or install anything. They’re just a great way to pass the time and make you forget about the bigger issues. We’ve done a quick search and found GameJumble to be a great place to find these types of small games.