How to Solve Snoring Problems?

Snoring can be quite disruptive to our overall sleep quality. Actually, sleep apnea is severe health condition and it needs to be medically treated. It can become a symptom of other health conditions, such as obesity. However, the problem could vary on different people. As an example, snoring could happen only by adding a few kilograms. Fatty tissue could develop around our neck and it can be a main culprit of snoring. Thicker fatty tissue could squeeze our airway, preventing air from flowing properly. Obviously, for overweight snorer, the only effective solution is by losing their weight.

Problems can happen when we sleep on our back and this position could exacerbate snoring. Fatty tissue under the chin, chin and tongue will be fully relaxed during sleep, causing snoring to happen. When snoring happens due to our position, it is important to have proper position. The best way is to sleep on our side, because will be able to open up our airway. The effects on snoring can be immediately felt and heard. When we sleep, we should elevate our head to open up our nasal passage.  With a pillow or two, we should be able to prop up our head.

It is also important to avoid smoking and alcohol, because they may us snore harder. Muscle groups behind our throat can be overly relaxed after we consume a higher quantity of alcohol. This will result in snoring. People who snore, should avoid drinking alcohol completely. It is also a good idea to avoid sedatives that can induce our sleep. Smoking could also cauise irritation in the throat lining and nasal passages. This activity could cause catarrh and swelling. It means that we will nave problems breathing. We should avoid having the habit and it is important for us to minimize any kind of snoring habit with proper steps.

If we don’t smoke and still snore, it is likely that we have an allergy, especially due to congested nasal passage. It is important to keep our nasal passage clear, so we will be able to breathe easier through our nose, instead of our mouth. Hot shower or warm bath could also bring relief to congested nasal passage. If our room is excessively dry, it is more likely for us to snore. By opening the bathroom door open after having a hot shower, we should be able to have normal humidity level inside the house. When bathing, we should use eucalyptus oil, nasal decongestants and antihistamines.

Some people are likely to snore when they consume dairy products. This is especially true when we load our GI tract with dairy products before going to bed. Dairy products could stimulate the production of mucus in our threat, potentially altering our breathing patterns. Some people have unique mouth anatomy and this could cause snoring to happen. As an example, large base of tongue and enlarged tonsils could cause obstructed breathing. Difficulties breathing could be caused by septum deviation. Many of these problems could be solved with minimally invasive treatments.