How To Spend A Night In Miami?

The United States is a big country and often, travellers are able to spend only one night in each big city. Miami was once a sleepy, quaint fishing village and it has now turned into a big city with plenty of attractions for locals and foreigners. It is offering some of the best nightlife in the country and there’s a massive choice of attractions and clubs in the area. Many people who venture inside Miami for the first time only experience a blur of excitements and some exotic drinks, before they get back to the hotel. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with spending at one place in Miami, but we may not be using our time effectively.

We could start by having a dinner and for moderate spenders, they could get to Coral Gables to find some decent restaurants and pubs. The area has a classy ambience with fantastic drinks and foods. It is located close to the West Miami and Little Havana that can provide us with additional attractions after we finish our dinner. It is best to have an early dinner at 6PM to allow more time for travelling through Miami. Coral Gables are also located at downtown Miami and we can visit it with the Metrorail system. There are so many bars and clubs in Miami that we shouldn’t try to visit them all at one night. However, we should be able to narrow down our choices and find the one that matches our preferences. Some bars have unique preferences, so straight guys may find it uncomfortable if they accidently go to a pub full of gays.

The Miami Beach is visited in the afternoon, but it is still a good place to visit at night with multiple visual arts, theatre, music and dance performances. The Miami Beach Soundscape offers free film screenings at night and we should check its website for schedules. The Art Deco

Little Havana is a great place to visit at night and it is characterized as a proud Cuban community that’s alive with hearty art and social activities. There are many theatres, parks and entertainment centers in Little Havana that keep it humming and alive during the night. Food vendors are available at night if we want to re-energize ourselves by eating snack or sandwich. It is preferable to go to Little Havana at the last Friday of the month to see the Viernes Culturales event.

Historic District is located at South Beach and it is consisted of nearly 1000 historic buildings, especially in the Architectural District. At night, we could take a walk through those lovely pastel structures, with their whimsical, sleek and curvy designs. Mansions, restaurants and hotels in this area enchant visitors with their impressive architecture. After visiting the Architectural District, we could go to the nearby South Beach or also known as SoBe. There are many cafes on the beach and it could be a good time to conclude our night trip in Miami by drinking the last glass of the day, while eating desserts.