How To Spruce Up Your New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting adventure. A new space is like a clean slate upon which renters can apply their own touches. Moving can be an expensive venture once security deposits and the costs of moving are figured in, leaving renters with little leftover for home decorating expenses. With careful consideration and a little creativity, renters can create a new and exciting space without spending a ton of money into the process. Before going out to buy picture frames, pillows, art or new dishes, renters should take stock of what they already have. Buying only what is truly needed for the new space will save money. There are other easy things apartment renters can do to save money while creating a homey space.

Clean It

One easy and relatively cheap way to spruce up a new apartment is to start with clean, fresh surfaces by cleaning before moving in. Depending on where a renter lives, the apartment may have already been through a slew of renters who maybe didn’t treat it so kindly. New renters will feel better about the space they live in by washing the counters, window frames, woodwork, appliances, bathroom and floors. Renters can make the apartment shine before bringing in their own furniture and accessories.

Add Color

Some apartment owners will allow renters to paint the walls and some will not. If painting is something a renter would like to do, he or she should check with the landlord and ask about potential options. If the apartment is in need of a new coat of paint, sometimes the landlord is happy to let the renter do it and will pay off the costs of the paint and supplies. If painting is not an option, renters can add their preferred colors into the home by choosing to throw pillows, linens, curtains, vases or artwork in the desired color family.

Get Creative

The fun part begins when it’s time to add those special touches.  Buy picture frames that add color and interest to blank walls. Group and hang the frames on a feature wall for an interesting display. Leave the frames empty, add pictures of friends and family or frame attractive greeting cards.

Another inexpensive way to add interest to the walls is to purchase blank canvases. Apartment dwellers can have fun expressing their creativity while creating nice pieces against the wall.
Renters can look for eye-catching fabrics for curtains to add texture and color to the space. Create a cohesive space that feels like it is a combination of old and new by carefully mixing items in the same color family.

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Mat Massahos is an active blogger and writer who likes to share his advice and tips to the online community. Mat recently just moved into a new apartment and is always looking to share his decorating ideas. You can contact him on Twitter @matmassahos.