How To Stay Safe At Night

Something inevitable all parents have to suffer through; a constant source of worry and the reaching of that time when you need to let your children fly the nest and venture out on their own. If only we could impart our years of experience and wrap them in cotton wool to prevent them making the same mistakes we did NOT putting us through what we put our parents through! If you’re playing the cool, relaxed parent and trying to avoid the inclination to nag with a one off list of do’s and don’ts, please read on!

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Don’t go off with strangers
Something that we drill into our little ones from an early age that we continue to drill into them at an older age. For older teenagers though this rule takes on a new meaning – the meeting of a nice guy or girl in a night club with an ulterior motive for your fresh faced son or daughter new to the world of night time antics. Being aware that people may not be who they say they are is a key point, as with the internet there are people who masquerade as something they’re not and it’s unfortunate but important and necessary to maintain your guard at all times.

Do stick with someone that you know
When out with a big group of friends don’t go off on your own. As children get older and their social circles expand they meet more people, this can be intimidating for some, exhilarating for others. The temptation to go off with some new acquaintances you’ve met can seem an exciting proposition and not one fraught with danger, by sticking with someone you know at all times and having an idea of who you’re going to be out with that night you can avoid some awkward or sticky situations.

Do stay out of bad neighbourhoods
The first argument that springs to mind with this point is what constitutes a bad neighbourhood? As something which will invariably vary from person to person, the hotspots with high crime levels and a justified reputation should set off a few alarm bells. Encouraging those you love to stay out of these locations and go somewhere else with better transport links and a safer environment may aggravate them but help keep your mind at ease. It’s the people you’re with that should dictate a night out just as much as the place you descend on.

Do book a minicab to take you home
Unmarked minicabs – another unfortunate example of a few ruining the industry for the majority; finding a cab, haggling down the price, getting ripped off, resenting the driver and ruining the night are examples of the nicer dangers with getting into one of these. The worst case scenario is far worse so it’s highly advisable to find a black cab late at night in London or take the stress out of this process completely and simply book a minicab before you leave home. After a few drinks judgement may be impaired and a desire to get home can be a catalyst for bad decision making. As arguably the easiest mistake to make with some of the worst consequences this can be the most important point and one to take away the most worry if it’s sorted.

Do make sure that someone knows where you are
Even if this is the panicking parent, knowing where you are and being worried about it is better than not knowing where you are and spending a night terrified and waiting for the phone to ring. Informing someone of your plans and if these change is imperative to your safety and it’s easy to underestimate the value of having someone know where you are going for the evening.

I myself think that it is unfortunate that the above is now the case, especially as it’s so few that make these rules necessary for so many. A one time lecture of the above may have more impact than a barrage of mini nags falling on resentful ears, it’s nearly impossible not to worry when loved ones are out in the big bad world when we have worked hard to shelter them from it for so long, trusting in your upbringing and educating loved ones of the more unobvious and sinister dangers of a night out can prove beneficial and put panicked minds at ease.

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