How To Stream 2018 NHL Playoffs Live Overseas

How To Stream 2018 NHL Playoffs Live Overseas

The NHL has millions of fans spread out across the world. Unfortunately, most of the fans located overseas have to rely on playbacks and video highlights of the game well after it is aired. Catching a live match is often a difficult and expensive venture, where possible. However, there are ways for overseas fans to catch the live action of the 2018 NHL playoffs with little expense.

Tools you need:


A VPN is a network security tool that offers the user the opportunity to mask their identity online. VPNs employ a tunneling protocol that routes the user’s data through a different IP address and location thereby making it seem as though the user is in a different location altogether. Using an NHL VPN, you can mask your address, so it appears as though you are connected from the US. This will allow you access to all the networks and broadcasters airing the games within the US.


A proxy is yet another tool you can use to watch a live stream of the 2018 NHL playoffs overseas. While a proxy works similar to a VPN, it does not perform any network security functions which leaves your data exposed and at risk of exploitation from hackers. Also, aside from the fact that you have to set it up manually, you also have to consider that fact that networks can easily block proxies because of their ease to detect. This is all information that should come in handy when choosing between a VPN and a proxy.

Where to watch:

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is an excellent pick when looking for where to watch the NHL playoffs. Instead of having to commit to a single broadcaster you get different options to pick. The subscription cost is $40 a month, and you get over 50 channels, but if you do not feel much like paying for it, you can always use the free trial. The issue with that is that you have to renew it after seven days. Alternatively, if you want to subscribe, you should try looking for a coupon that will slice the cost. With a single subscription, you can connect up to 6 devices at a time.

Sling TV

Similar to YouTube TV, Sling TV is a streaming service with fewer channels. On the plus side, it is also cheaper than YouTube TV. Sling TV provides three pricing packages Sling Orange at $20 per month with 30 channels, Sling Blue at $25 per month with 45 channels and Sling Orange and Blue at $40 per month with all the channels. With Sling Orange you can only connect to one device at a time, but with Sling Blue you can connect up to 3 devices, and Sling Orange and Blue allows you to connect up to 4 devices.


This is the ultimate streaming network for all your NHL needs. Your access to the games depends on your subscription. The Stanley Cup playoffs pass goes for $74.99, which is far steeper than your other options but you get access to all the NHL playoffs for the entire duration of the games. The monthly pass goes for $24.99. Nevertheless, all the games are subject to blackouts.