How To Survive Winter On The Dole!

It is the sad, harsh reality that many of us must face the cold winter months on the dole. Financial trauma, broken promises and an uncertainty over the UK’s future economic standing means that this winter more so than ever, people on the dole face a difficult time ahead.

Does it have to be this way or can simple measures and doing a bit of homework help save you money and keep warm when it’s needed most? Through various means and by altering your lifestyle, it may be possible to see this winter out into a prosperous new year.

  • Be Cost Effective

Now, more so than ever, we all need to cut back wherever and whenever possible. Taking certain measures can see an ease on your current financial standing. If you happen to have a digital meter, be sure to always use it to its full potential. By monitoring your power usage and altering it as required can see you save a substantial amount of money.

  • Home Heating

Obviously keeping your home warm during the winter is something none of us can avoid. But, are you getting the most out of your heating? Ensure that draughts are properly sealed, simply by pulling the curtains or placing a rug by the door will see an increase in temperature as well as using less fuel. Also, turn off radiators in rooms that no one is occupying and close the doors. This will prevent money and energy being needlessly wasted.

  • Lighting

Standard household bulbs (incandescent) should always be switched off whenever not needed or in use. This is due to the fact they are the least efficient bulbs to use as 90% of its energy is given off as heat and a mere 10% results in actual light. Buying more cost efficient bulbs, although costly, will save you money on your home energy bills and the savings will more than pay the cost of the bulbs within a year.

  • Is your loft insulated?

This is a costly process; insulation is never a cheap option. However, if it is something you can afford it will pay for itself within two a two year period and save you money in the long term

  • Your energy provider

There is a tendency to remain loyal to your local energy provider. But in this day and age that is simply no longer an option that most of us can afford. It is wise to shop around these days for the best offer, no different than buying a car or choosing a TV provider. Sites like and can see you make savings you otherwise would never have known.

  • Home appliances

It’s always wise to completely power off home appliances when not in use. Although many assume that putting a device into stand by is cost effective, it simply isn’t. Most devices will continue to use power in stand-by mode and the savings to be made by unplugging Internet routers, computers, TVs and phones when not in use all add up very quickly.

Erica Ball is currently unemployed and has had to compare prices carefully in an effort to save small amounts here and there.