How To Take Care Of Your Urinary Catheter

How To Take Care Of Your Urinary Catheter

Many-a-times patients are unable to move from their beds because of one reason or the other. At that time a urinary catheter is used to drain the bladder of the urine.

A catheter can be used for a number of reasons like the inability to control the release of urine, an enlarged prostate, when the lower part of the body is paralysed or after surgery of the urinary tract or pelvis.

A doctor has to insert the catheter through the urethra which is the opening that carries the urine from the bladder to the outside of the body for placing the catheter in the bladder.

At the time when the catheter is inside, a small balloon is inflated for maintaining the position of the bladder. The catheter actually permits the urine from the bladder to drain into the bag which is attached to the thigh. These types of catheters can be used by both men and women.

But when you use a catheter you also should care for it in the right way in order to ensure that it works in the right manner. So here are some precautionary measures that will help you to take care of your catheter in the right way.

  • Always remember to keep the urine collection bag below the bladder level.
  • Ensure that the urine is flowing into the bag out of the catheter. Make sure that the catheter tubing does not get kinked or twisted.
  • Ii is absolutely okay to take a shower with your catheter and urine collection bag in place unless you are told not to do so by your physician.
  • Ensure that the catheter is not dragged and pulled by the urine collection bag.
  • You must clean the catheter twice a day using water and soap. You can dry it with a clean towel later on.
  • If you find the area around the catheter consists of pus or is swollen, irritated, red or itchy, then there must be some kind of infection there. You should check this area regularly for any kind of irritation and inflammation.
  • After wearing a catheter you should restrain from any kind of sexual intercourse.
  • Do not pull or tug on the catheter.
  • You can hang the urine collection bag on one side of the bed at night.

Emptying the Urine Collection Bag

You have to empty the urine collection bag on a regular basis at bedtime or whenever it is half-full. If the urine is to be measured then do so prior to emptying it into the bladder.

  • If you are emptying another person’s bag then use gloves. In case of your own you must wash your hands.
  • You should remove the drain spout form the sleeve that is located at the bottom of the bag. Then open the bag out of the spout.
  • Do not let the tubing or the spout touch anything and let the urine flow out into the toilet.
  • Post that, you should check if there is any water sticking at the end of the drain pout. Wipe it out if there is any. Then put the drain spout back into the sleeve which is located at the bottom of the bag after closing the valve.
  • You should wash the hands with soap and water afterwards.

The above are some of the precautions that you should follow for taking care of your foley catheter. This will help you to maintain optimum amount of hygiene with it.