How To Throw A Party Without Spending A Dime

You want to have a get-together with your friends over the weekend, but don’t have money to blow on fun and games. Well, take heart, there are ways you can have that party without spending any money.
Most college students don’t exactly have a big budget, and have to be wise about how they spend their money. Here are a few ways you can party it up without breaking the bank.

All of these ideas are just starters, and you can add to them to personalize your party. If you do have a little money to spend, most of these ideas can be enhanced with a few new items or some extra treats.
Game Night
Game nights are great, cheap entertainment. Pull all your games out and invite your friends to bring some too. Invite everyone and then let the games begin! All you have to do is divide into groups and break out the cards. To really spice things up, hold a competition with a shorter game. As people are defeated, they are eliminated, and the one person who can make it to the end without losing is declared the winner!
Marathon Night
Pick a favorite television show and watch several episodes in a row. If you have a service like Netflix, this is easy to set up. If you don’t, watch some DVDs you or a friend already has. This is especially fun if you and a large group of friends are especially into a certain program.
Dessert Night
Sort through the ingredients you already have at home and whip up a delicious dessert. Then, invite your friends to do the same and when you all get together you’ll have a complete buffet of desserts! This is a great activity if you’re in the mood for some informal socializing, but need a snack to go with it.
Day in the Park
Pack up your football, Frisbee and some cold drinks and head to the park. Bring a bunch of friends and start a casual game of touch football or a just toss the ball around. This is great in the summer when you need a breath of fresh air.
As a college student, you’re all about socializing. But, you may not be all about spending lots of money. Luckily, money and fun don’t have to be dependent on each other. Use things you already have, and invite your friends to help provide the food or entertainment and you’re all set for a night of fun!
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