How To Travel With Your Pet

Travelling and enjoying a vacation can now be enjoyed by pet owners and their beloved animals in various cities and countries. Yes, most hotels and airlines were not keen at giving a warm welcome to pet dogs and cats, but nowadays, more and more hotels and lodgings are starting to offer pet amenities that are worth a tail-wag. To plan for a travel with your pet, here are some quick tips for you.

Be Keen at Booking and Carrying
The number of slots for pets in the cabin are limited in most airlines, so be sure to book early. Last minute bookings are not ideal when travelling with pets. Talking about airlines, you need to be guided with the requirements they impose with regards to bringing pets with you.

Make a phone call to the airline and ask for their specific requirements, especially in terms of bringing the right carrier for your pet. There are various pet stores that offer airline-compliant carriers for dogs, cats and other pets. The size of the cabin pet carrier is usually a maximum of 19 inches (length) by 13 inches (width) by 9 inches (height).

Prices for pet carriers are at least $40 in most pet stores. Another common requirement is to follow the maximum limit for the pet and carrier’s combined weight, which is usually 100 pounds. There are also lists of restricted breeds that you may want to check out in the airline’s official websites.

Search for Pet-Friendly Hotels
Some of the biggest hotels in the world still don’t allow pets inside their vicinities, while others have already amended their policies regarding pet stay in the hotel. To be sure, browse the Internet for hotels that offer fantastic but affordable pet amenities. Don’t forget to double-check their customer feedbacks to ensure that you and your pet will be treated like royalty in a particular hotel.

Double-Check Fees

Transporting your pets is a bit more expensive than bringing children in another country. So, make sure that you re-check the fees for bringing pets with you. Your pet can either stay with your during the whole flight (usually under your seat) or be considered as cargo or checked baggage which will be charged with an extra handling fee (around $500 for round trip).

If your pet is snub-nosed, such as a Persian cat or a bulldog, it cannot be placed as a checked baggage since it is prone to breathing difficulties, which may result to injury and even death.

Get Your Pet Travel-Ready
Your pet might feel anxious during your flight. One great step in acclimating your pet to the vibrations and motions on the airplane is to place the pet inside the carrier and put it on the car’s floor and then drive for a while. Another tip is to drain out all the energy of your dog by playing or running with him for longer than usual hours before the flight, so that your pet will feel tired, sleepy and relaxed during your plane travel.

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