How To Turn Your Dreary Basement Into A Man Cave

Upgrading a current dank, musty basement, which is presently used as merely a storage space, may seem like a daunting task, but the results will be extremely rewarding. It can be a long process, but there are many benefits to taking on a project like this. It will greatly increase the living area of your home, the value of the home will also rise, and of course, it is a room that can be completely designed by you from scratch.

These days, spaces that used to be considered as catch-all storage areas are being renovated and upgraded into wonderfully innovative, useful, fun areas. Homeowners are discovering creative ways to transform their basements into family rooms and much more. One of the most frequent go-to options is a man cave.

A man cave is a cool place for a man and his friends to hang and entertain their “manly” pursuits. Sports, games, TV and partying are at the center of those “manly” pursuits. While females may be “allowed”, on occasion, to join in the festivities, a man cave is specifically designed for men and their indoor toys.

Some of the more common and necessary accessories for a man cave are: easy-to-clean carpeting, a TV, preferably very large, a computer, game systems, couches, recliners, and, of course, a bar. The bar should have comfy stools and be located in a position that allows guests to sit at the bar and still see the, preferably very large, TV.

The couches are not only comfy places to sit while enjoying the game; they also serve as emergency sleeping arrangements. Occasionally, a party guest or bud may imbibe too many “Buds” and need a place to crash. Spending the night sleeping on a couch is hassle-free, safer than driving home and less expensive than calling a cab. In the worst case scenario, that bud can sleep it off on one couch while the host and the other buds continue to imbibe more “Buds” on another couch. Party on!

Add a card table, foosball, ping pong and pool tables and a fridge. The result is the greatest thing since sliced pizza. Throw in a dart board, soft lighting lamps, neon bar lights and overhead lighting above the game tables and the room is stylin’. Install a music system and it is really good to go.

Those are only a few ideas. However, before implementing them, it is strongly suggested that the first step of basement transformation is to have the entire area waterproofed to ensure the safety of the new room.

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