How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Brand and Drive Sales

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Brand and Drive Sales

Instagram has emerged as one of the important social media platforms for the business. It allows users to express themselves in a better way and provides them a platform to promote their brand and products in front of large audiences. 

And as it is an effective social media platform that provides great help to the businesses to prosper. Therefore, it becomes important that you utilize the platform better and extract maximum benefits. Hence, to assist you in this, we have listed some of the effective ways of using Instagram to promote the brand, drive sales and reach business goals.

So without any further ado, let’s dive into it.

Instagram Marketing Hacks For 2022 and Beyond

The Internet and social media are taking over the world and have become an integral part of daily life. It has opened gates for marketers to use their creativity and enhance brand recognition. Here are some of the easy marketing tactics that can help you in the long run.

Modify your profile

As the competition is getting fierce in the market, it is important to have recognition in the market. That means, make sure the people can recognize your brand’s profile.

So make sure you modify your profile. You can start by using your brand logo as your profile picture. It will help people to recognize your brand’s profile if they search for your brand on Instagram. While optimizing your profile, make sure you provide all your brand’s services or products. Do mention how your brands can change the life of your users.

Make the bio entertaining, engaging, and promotional. Also, make sure that you provide the URL of your website so that people can visit your website. You can look at Canva’s Instagram account for example. It has its logo as a profile picture, in a fun way explained about its account and more importantly has a website URL. Also, it has one of the promotional events on its profile.

Blend with the trend

Trends always help to stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of the masses. As Instagram always provides a trend to follow and boosts the reach of the content that follows that trend, making content according to the trend has become a smart hack to reach more audiences.

So keep your eyes open and look for the ongoing trend. So be it the “dancing in ghetto” trend or Khamy Lame, make sure to make content related to that. Wear your creativity hat and try to connect your brand with the trend and capture the audience.

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Memes are the new way to communicate

Who does not like to have a laugh or simply while scrolling social media feeds, right? Humor has a great place in the marketing arsenal for brands as it helps capture the audience’s attention and stays in the viewer’s mind for a long time. 

Instagram never fails to deliver amazing, amusing, and humorous memes that might tickle the funny bone and eventually help to capture more audience.

You can have a look at NoGood’s Instagram handle. Their account is filled with fresh and exciting content that helps them to get an edge. In addition to being visually readable, NoGood’s Instagram demonstrates how to have fun on Instagram by using a meme or two.

Embed Instagram feed on website

Websites now have an integral part to play for brands. As people find comfort with online shopping, websites are now brand representatives. And it is important to have an appealing brand representative, right? And what can be better other than Instagram’s vibrant, alluring and engaging content? 

You can use Instagram on your website by opting to embed Instagram feed on website. It helps to make your website more appealing to the visitors and provides them a sneak into your social media existence. And with the option to follow, you can strengthen your brand’s Instagram presence. 

You can also use this tactic to showcase user-generated content for your brand, social proofs, reviews, testimonials, and more that might help your consumers in their purchase decisions.

Interact with the audience

Interaction is the key to knowing about a brand’s reputation in the market and gathering information about what consumers expect from your brand. Moreover, it also helps in building a customer-brand association.

With Instagram, you can interact with your consumers through various means. Like you can organize Instagram live, or polls, or Q&A sessions to know more about your consumers and build a relationship with them. Moreover, it helps build a brand reputation as it shows that you care for your users and consider their opinions.

Use Instagram Reels to your benefits

Instagram Reels is a huge hit. It is easy to upload videos and has great features that make the content more engaging, require less attention span, and capture more audience. And most importantly, the Instagram algorithm heavily supports it. So why not go with the flow? 

With Instagram Reels, you can showcase the use of our products in a summarized manner. And as it only allows short-duration videos, you can mention the key elements or highlights of your product that you think can be the selling point.

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Summing It Up

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, it has a huge user base, great features and a user-friendly interface. So you can use this as a key weapon to market your brand in the coming years. So whenever you are making your social media marketing plans next time, don’t forget to have Instagram and strategies mentioned above in that plan.

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