How To Use Muay Thai For Self-Defense

How To Use Muay Thai For Self-Defense

There are many different martial arts that you could try out if you wish to get good at self-defense. What we can recommend to you is that you try learning Muay Thai. This is an ancient martial art that comes from the country of Thailand. Long story short – if you wish to learn some key self-defense principles, then we recommend you to try and learn Muay Thai.

There are many reasons why this is our official recommendation when it comes to learning martial arts. First of all, Muay Thai will not only teach you how to use your arms and hands to attack, but it will also teach you how to use your legs in a devastatingly effective way. After all, the martial arts that use only the arms or only the legs are missing out on the unity that is the whole human body.

This is the main reason as to why Muay Thai is also known by the name “the art of the 8 limbs”. You will be taught how to attack with your hands, your elbows, your knees, and your shins. As you may imagine, these techniques will give you the skill to deal some serious damage to your opponents.

This leads us to the next subject, what happens if there is actually a chance for you to end in a fistfight on the streets? Well, you need to be aware of certain things of big importance in such a case. The first thing that we would recommend you to do is to try to evade fighting as the firstcourse of action. You should never fight if there is no actual need for you to do so and nothing good will ever come out of a fight that happens in this way. But there are some times when you will simply have to fight. In that case, it’s important for you to make the distinction between friendly sparring in the ring in the Muay Thai training camp and the real fight that’s about to go down.

One of the most important variables is your response to the threat of physical violence. Of course, you will have numbed the nervous response by virtue of just training Muay Thai. However, it’s natural to expect that you will still feel fear – you either need to be crazy or drugged in order not to feel anything in a case of physical altercation. If you can learn how to control your fear in such a situation, then you will be one step ahead of your opponent.

But the core of the matter is that you will have to train Muay Thai for a long time before you will be fully prepared to face someone in the streets. We recommend you to travel on a holiday in Thailand and enjoy yourself on the beach. And during the day you could also train Muay Thai.  Muay Thai training camp in Thailand is a new choice. Trust us, this may very well be the best investment of time and effort that you could make in your life.