How To Wake Up While Traveling

You may not want to think about waking up early when you’re on vacation, but there are times that sleeping in will cause problems, especially on the day of your return flight or when you have an early tour scheduled. Here are some ideas to help you wake up while you are travelling.

Use Your Alarm
The most basic tip for waking up at a certain time is setting your alarm. Your body may be used to waking up at a certain time, but the time difference between your home and the place you are staying may make it difficult for your body to wake up at the right time. If you have your cell phone with you, set the alarm for the time you need to get up. Make sure to give yourself a few extra minutes because you will probably be rooting through your suitcase for toiletries and it always seems to take longer to get ready in an unfamiliar place. If you are staying in a hotel, you can ask the front desk to call your room at a certain time. This method works great for some people, but waking up to an unfamiliar telephone ringing can be irritating.

Ask Someone to Call You
You can set the alarm on your cell phone, but having someone call you each morning will help you wake up happy. If you are on vacation far away from home, first thing in the morning is a great time to check in and talk about your plans for the day. You may think that you will have time to call home and check in later in the day, but it is easy to get distracted by all the new sights and sounds. Having someone call you will ensure that you will wake up to a familiar voice each morning and it is a wonderful way to start your day.

Set the Thermostat and Coffee Pot
Some hotel thermostats are not programmable, but you can try setting the thermostat in your room to a higher temperature within an hour of the time you want to wake up. The human body is very sensitive to heat and cold when it is sleeping, so a change in temperature will usually cause your body to wake up. Most people sleep better when the temperature of the room is slightly cooler than the temperature they are comfortable in during the day. A temperature change of five degrees or more is very likely to help you wake up.

If you normally drink coffee in the morning, the smell of coffee brewing will also help you wake up. A travel partner that wakes before you could start the coffee at a certain time if your room doesn’t have a programmable coffee maker. The combination of a temperature increase and the smell of coffee will likely be enough to get you out of bed and ready for the day.

Don’t Stay up Too Late
If your vacation is short, you may be tempted to stay up late so that you can see as much as possible during your visit. Staying up late can make it more difficult to fall asleep because your body will become overtired. Sleep is often difficult for people who are in a new environment, so do your body a favor and go to bed at about the same time you normally would if you were home. You may miss out on a thing or two, but your mood will be happier and your body will be rested so that you can fully enjoy everything you see and do.

Schedule Morning Activities
Most people are more alert and energetic in the morning than any other time of day, so it is a great time to schedule a hike, snorkeling trip or other activity. Another advantage of doing your activities first thing in the morning is that you will probably have more time to spend doing what you want. Tours are usually less crowded in the morning because many people sleep in while they are on vacation. Getting up early may not fit into your idea of a relaxing vacation, but sleeping in may cause you to miss seeing the sun rise over the mountains in paradise.

You will probably fall asleep easier knowing that you have exciting activities planned for the morning. Getting everything ready the night before will help you relax and avoid rushing in the morning. Set out your clothes, money, shoes and everything else you need so that it is easy to find in the morning. You can also get the coffee pot ready or set out a banana and a protein bar for a quick breakfast.

Leave the Curtains Open
This won’t work if you are in a ground-floor hotel room, but if you have a great view from your hotel there is no better time to take advantage of it than first thing in the morning. Leaving the curtains open will allow the natural light to wake you up gradually. You can get up and get fresh air or stay in bed and enjoy the beautiful view for a few minutes before starting your day.

Drink Water
Drinking a large amount of water is great for your body. It helps you clear out toxins and keeps you hydrated. Another advantage to drinking water before bed is that it will go through your system slowly and wake you early in the morning to empty your bladder. You have to get up to go to the bathroom and will probably decide to stay up and start the day bright and early.

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