How To Write A Checklist Of Requirements When Ordering A Fitted Kitchen

Buying a fitted kitchen is one of the most expensive things you will ever buy for your home. Therefore you will want a kitchen that is not only practical and stylish but one that will also stand the test of time. In this article we look at the key things you will need to include in any kitchen checklist.

Things to Include in Your Checklist
– When looking at buying a fitted kitchen, you need to decide where the hob will go and what style of hob you would like. This will depend on whether you are planning on getting an electric or gas hob. Gas hobs tend to come in a standard design but electric hobs tend to have different formats and styles. You also need to think about your cooking requirements. – if you regularly use a wok or make coffee in a small espresso pot, some hobs have special places for these things too.
Oven – The type of oven you want to include in your fitted kitchen is also important. Again you will be able to choose from a gas or electric oven but you can also choose to have a separate grill, a single or a double oven.
Sink – The location and style of the skin you choose will also be important. You can choose a single or double sink, a rectangular or round one and whether your sink has an integrated draining board or waste disposal unit. You will also need to consider the type and style of taps you want too.
Extractor Fan – To take the steam out of your kitchen you may choose to include an extractor fan in your kitchen. These come in a range of sizes, styles and finishes depending on your preferences.
Fridge/Freezer – When planning your fitted kitchen, you will also need to think about the fridge and freezer options available. You can choose a combined fridge/freezer or separate ones. You can also choose to have them on display or fitted behind cupboard doors.
Worktops – There is an abundance of choice when it comes to choosing a worktop style for your fitted kitchen. You can choose a wooden worktop, a marble worktop or a melamine one. You can choose which colour worktop you would like and whether you want a gloss or matt finish. Some worktops even feature patterns or flecks of glitter.
Cupboards – The types of cupboards you choose will depend on what sorts of things you keep in your cupboards. You can choose single or double cupboards, revolving shelves or pull out racks which are great for tins of food etc.
Cupboard Doors – When it comes to deciding on a fitted kitchen, the cupboard doors you choose are vital to the look and feel of your kitchen, As with worktops, there are a wide range of different materials, colours and finishes available.
Handles – If you’re having cupboards, you’ll need handles. Again the choice is vast from chrome to brass or plastic and coloured.
Tiling – You will also need to decide whether you are going to tile or wallpaper your new fitted kitchen or do a combination of both. Some people just choose to tile behind the oven and the back of the sink to create a splash board whilst others tile all the walls.
Flooring – The final decision is what floor covering to choose. Most people opt for wooden, laminate, vinyl or tiled flooring.


Once you have made decisions on all the elements above, it’s best to draw them up as a checklist before you approach a company offering fitted kitchens to ensure you get the components, look and feel you want. Why not consider Audus German Kitchens for your new tailored to order kitchen.

Image Credits: Niquinho and Stephanie Hough.